Isshuukan Friends Episode 10

Friend and Friend


AlexIt’s really late to introduce a new character, but there’s some details on the black haired guy who transferred in, Kujo Hajime.

Well, this guy isn’t all that likeable. Hase gets a short interaction with him pretty quickly, and it’s clear that this character is designed to rub the characters and the viewers up the wrong way.It also sparks a new problem; in that everything’s back to square one and all of Hase’s hard work has been undone. It’s obviously written so that people with symphise with Hase, but despite knowing this, it does work. Most people who’ve worked for something know the frustration of loosing something halfway, and the writing, the montage and the reflection on the heartful episode 8 makes it pull at your heartstrings; and even more when Hase tries to hide his tears.

Hase isn’t the only one who’s been affected, as Saki’s even noticed that there’s something wrong. Her conversation with Shougo shows that she’s sharper than she lets on, but there were more romantic sparks between Saki and Shougo. It’s a relief to see that this hasn’t taken a backseat, as it’s quite cute and heartful to see the two interact.

The foundations are starting to fall down, as Hajime runs into Kaori in town with some of their friends from elementary school. After causing even more upset, Hase turns up on the scene in time to confront Hajime, and in all honesty, I thought he should have punched the guy instead of trying to explain things to him. Even when Hajime gets the lowdown, he points out a pretty harsh truth…”What if she just changes things? Can you really call yourself friends?”

It’s all up to Saki to save the day! Bring the starcrossed lovers back together…since you’re the only one with your head screwed on right now.

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