Isshuukan Friends Episode 12 [Final]

Will you be my Friend?


AlexIs it ever okay to leave things as they are, burying and hiding from any chance of further upset? Everyone in Isshuukan Friends is hiding something, and when the snow falls in the winter, will anything actually get resolved? I mean, if this was a visual novel, all the signs are saying that everything’s on path for a Bad End.

Kaori takes the logical approach straight off the bat, and calls Shougo out. “He’s afraid”. Those feelings could either save their friendship or ruin it. Hase and Hajime are getting along strangely well, probably because they sense a kindred spirit in each other, and to top the problems off, Saki is still avoiding Shougo over their conversation.

We start off by Shougo actually confronting Saki over avoiding him, and I think they got a conclusion that works. They didn’t confess to each other in so many words, but the feelings were put out there by both parties in a subtle way, and accepted by both parties. It may feel a little rushed, but they got it over and done with to move onto the big problem…Hase’s acting up.

Winter break is coming up, and both Hase and Kaori lied about going away for the break so that they didn’t have to spend time with anyone. However, when the date hits New Year, they both…accidentally run into each other. They go for a walk, and finally end up stopping at the long promised crepe stand together.

It’s not until they stop at the shrine that Kaori actually breaks and tells Hase what she’s thinking, and what she wants. Amongst her tears and her shouts, Hase decides to join in the shouting match, and…well, he stays pretty true to himself. With a vow for the two of them to become closer friends than ever before, Isshuukan Friends bows out on quite a high point with Kaori asking Hase to be her friend. I’m going to save most of my thoughts for the review, as this episode was essentially comprised of everything that makes this show work.

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