Isshuukan Friends Episode 9

Last Day with Friends


alexIt’s almost like that previous episode never happened. Relationships havn’t changed, and the feeling has gone at first glance. Such an odd design choice.

Summer holiday always comes with work to do over it, and in traditional anime style, the main characters meet up to do their summer projects on the last day, with everyone meeting at Kaori’s house again. It feels like a long-winded process to create the ideal of the process being as important as the solution; it’s an odd choice to have made and added in at this time, with some interesting moments shared between Shougo and Saki. After a while, though, everyone takes off and it’s just Hase and Kaori alone. The fact that they let Kaori have a monologue about the method being important means that something big is going to change, and this is just backed up by Hase worrying that he hasn’t done enough to help Kaori. Coupled with some romance scenes that just taunt the viewer, this small part of the episode was the calm before the storm that we need to move on from last week.

However, back at school, stuff starts to change, with the obvious seat change being first. The second important thing is a transfer student, Kujo Hajime. He’s the guy with the black hair that was seen at the end of last week, and when walking to his seat, he actually recognizes Kaori. He’s not very pleasant, and his harsh words seem to trigger something in Kaori, causing her to faint. When she wakes up, she doesn’t have any of her memories. Judging on what words triggered it, i’m guessing that the mysterious black haired guy is an ex-boyfriend of hers, or something along those lines. It was an episode dedicated to moving cogs along, and that’s what it was, but after seeing how beautiful the show can be last week, I really hope that this build-up will lead to something similar to it.

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