Sword Art Online II – It’s just modern gaming trends.

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Episode 1: Gun World
Episode 2: Ice Sniper

alexJust like how time moves onwards, the medieval theme of Sword Art Online, which represented glorious fantasy MMO’s and RPG’s being based on swords and magic, has been replaced with the modern theme of guns, sniper rifles and all sorts of modern warfare techniques, which represents the rise of first person shooters in the world of online gaming. So, Sword Art Online becomes Gun Gale Online…or something like that.

However, there’s no time for playing games, as Kirito is breaking the golden rule of being a hardcore gamer and spending time outside with his girlfriend having a romantic day out around, with references to how he’s wearing all black and Asuna’s wearing all white, like their time in the first season.  However, before Kirito and Asuna had their date, Kirito met up with the businessman who runs the Virtual Division of the government. He dealt with Kirito after the SAO incident, and is now consulting him on a new incident, where this man, Zexceed, died during an MMO stream in virtual reality. With this fancy businessman putting two and two together, he’s been tracking down someone who can kill people inside the game Gun Gale Online.

Obviously, it can’t be a coincidence. Two people killed by the same guy in GGO, both dying from heart failure in a short time period. Kirito guesses the this special gun used to kill people has some special way to kill people, and in an incredibly obvious move, the businessman wants Kirito to go into the game to make contact with Death Gun. When there’s such large figures of money being thrown around in the name of science, Kirito has no real choice but to investigate the inside of Gun Gale Online.

So, we move onto the second episode, where the new character, Sinon, gets perverted remarks from other males in her group until she starts shooting members of a monster hunting guild that probably haven’t done anything wrong. I get that it’s meant to show that MMO’s are brutal, and even more brutal with gunplay as you don’t have to play fair, you can just camp on high ground and shoot people for fun (remind you of any games, by the way?) But even better, when things start going badly, the player-hunters who look to have hired Shinon all want to rage-quit and log out…again, how appropriate. After yelling at them all, she displays some actual talent and beats up the hired bodyguard…and then it’s back to Kirito and Asuna’s lovey dovey relationship in another MMO.

This sure is taking it’s sweet time to get started, I mean, Kirito hasn’t even gone inside GGO yet. Since they’re spending so much time focusing on Asuna, and it’s clear that she doesn’t go into GGO since Kirito needs his harem, she might have a story or a role of her own to play, which is possibly more interesting to speculate on right now.

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3 thoughts on “Sword Art Online II – It’s just modern gaming trends.

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