Meepinganime is evolving…and needs time to do so!

alexHey, everyone. It’s been a while since i’ve said anything around here, and really filled anyone in on what’s happening around the site. As i’m sure that you’ve all noticed, Meepinganime has a new name – we’re now Azure Minds. All of us writers have been really busy, though, and we’re still trying to figure out exactly who’s going to be continuing on with the blog. I (Alex) will be continuing on with it starting relatively soon, but it’s too soon to predict if any of the other members will be continuing, and exactly HOW they’ll be continuing – we’re not going to religiously stick to the episodic format for reviewing anime anymore.

All of our old content from the Meepinganime days will be remaining in place, yet exactly how this will be is still being considered; as we are aiming for a fresh start and a new experience. This blog has been going for a very long time at around four to five years, so obviously, some of the older posts are incredibly embarrassing to read for both myself and Mimi; and i’m sure that it’s the same for any of the other writers!

With that said, however, if you’d be interested in working alongside us on Azure Minds, do leave a comment or contact us at our email address, which is We’ve more than likely got some staff vacancies, and you’ll be well considered if you’re interested in writing!

I’m going to leave this post stuck to the front page until we’ve actually gotten ourselves together and started afresh properly, so stay tuned and keep checking back! Once a week or so should do…


One thought on “Meepinganime is evolving…and needs time to do so!

  1. Long time lurker here! I’d honestly love to contribute, but school is taking up a lot of my time, and I don’t know how to take screenshots.

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