Mekaku City Actors Episodes 2 & 3

 Kisaragi Attention & Mekakushi Code

One of the most hyped shows of the season continues toward its second (forgive me for being a week late – stuff happened) and third episodes. How were those? I have yet to form a solid opinion on how much I’m enjoying this series, which is being much harder than I thought.

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First Impressions: Mekaku City Actors

Artificial Enemy

Mekaku 01

Being one of the most hyped up shows for this Spring season, both by its preexisting fanbase and by Aniplex’s masterful (regardless of how annoying it is) minimalistic marketing, it’s almost unsurprising to see how divisive the reactions to the first episode were. The reasons are a little less easy to pinpoint, though, but a big part of it is perhaps how SHAFT didn’t bother at all with making this accessible for newcomers.

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Review: Date A Live

Date A Live

Long time no see, dear readers, if anyone remembers who I am or how I usually write. If not, hello there, I’m bringing you a random review and I hope to be back to covering weekly shows starting this Spring.

This show isn’t really a show I would normally review, but since there was something I decided to watch and actually got positively surprised with, this is what I’m bringing here this time.

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Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen Episode 2

Scramble Formation

What better way is there to get an unmotivated gamer to start a task in the real world than putting someone he actually does care for in the verge of death? Yes, because it’s not a game anymore. Keima now has a good reason to search for the Goddesses and will put his all into it, even if it means becoming the Devil of the gaming world by dating several girls at once. Not like that’s not common occurrence in dating sims anyway…

From now on there will be an “Adaptation Reflections” section at the end of all my Kaminomi posts. It will still be spoiler free, but I’ve decided to include it separately so anyone who’s not interested doesn’t have to read through my complaining rants. (Conversely, anyone who’s only interested in the complaints can skip right to it^^’)

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First Impressions: Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen

When the Sun Goes Down

Ok. Let’s skip the introductory part of “I love the manga and have been really excited for the adaptation” and get right to the final minutes of the episode. Here’s the main thing I have to say about it: why the hell did they change who stabbed Kanon?! That said, I’d better leave my ranting to the end of the post and get my writing back in order.

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Seasonal Picks for Spring 2013 are up

The supposed-to-be tradition which started in Fall 2012 yet was interrupted for one season due to… several motives on the writers part is now back with everyone’s picks for Spring 2013. If you want to know what we like best out of the series that ended or out of the ones continuing into the Summer season with their second cour, or if you feel like checking out who we thought were the best characters from this season, do so here or use the navigation bar.

Please keep in mind those are simply our opinions and it’s as natural to agree with us as it is to disagree. Feel free to share your opinions with us as well!

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A Certain Blog’s Redesign & Announcements

So, as probably most visitors have noticed by now, the current design is as horrible as it could be, consisting of a pre-made theme with no banner to make things even worse.

That happened due to a certain person’s rage (read: mine) leading to the deleting of the CSS. We’ve had some internal struggles lately that affected the blog more than they should have and we apologize for that.

Therefore, in spite of still having the design saved in my computer, to mark the fresh start everyone decided on, I’m currently working on a new design for the blog. It might take some days to be finished, so please bear with us until then.

Thank you^^