GOSICK Episode 18

The Jet Black Train Carries Several Lies

Alex: At first, I complained about how annoying it really is for the 4 people Victorique sits with to be nutjobs, but that doesn’t really matter. GOSICK finally stopped pretending it was all about the crappy mystery, and went for an adventure themed episode, and it really worked.

The fact that everyone went to Beelzebub’s skill for an umbilical cord, a drawing of the guy when he was younger, a bottle of perfume from his first love and a note saying “Don’t turn back” is a little perplexing…does it really matter that much? I’d understand if there was like, rubies and diamonds or some sort of secret that could topple the Ministry of the Occult, but unless I missed something, it all seems rather…useless. But whatever, i’ll see what the next episode want’s to do with it before I judge unfairly. Kujo and Victorique are brilliant characters, and they pretty much carried this episode on their own, which is a first.

Honestly, i’m pretty impressed. I don’t know where GOSICK wants to go after this, but this arc revolving around Beelzebub’s skull was the best yet, and it really proves that the show knew what it was doing all along, contrary to what everyone (including myself) thought. It could have used an unusual episode number, like…18, to cut the fillers, but what’s done is done. It’s time to enjoy the final arc of GOSICK, and i’m hoping for some mother/daughter action.


GOSICK Episode 17

The Box Lies in the Spiral Labyrinth

Alex: It looks like the show is pulling all of it’s trump cards here. The pendant Victorique carries gets explained, and well…it’s pretty much what’s expected.The Mother-Daughter bond is contained in the pendant, somehow.But i’m curious as to that ring…anyway.

Putting the amazing atmosphere of the magical theme park of odd attractions to one side, it’s about time for you to tell us why Victorique is so important, GOSICK. You’ve finally perfected the relationship between Kujo and your moe detective, so make your puppets dance like you’ve promised us. Show us why we should give two damns about the Marquis De Blois, what Cordelia’s been doing, why Brian Roscoe has been built up as a badguy, and use the last 17 episodes well. Otherwise you’ll be nothing but a bitter aftertaste of a wasted series, which is a crying shame.

GOSICK Episode 16

The Felling Maria has a Fly’s Head

Alex: Hot damn. I put this off out of fear of how bad it could be, but…am I allowed to get excited here? Kujo who didn’t act stupid, Victorique who didn’t act like a snotty know-it-all with the script, Victorique’s Mother, Brian Roscoe, Victorique’s father, and hints everywhere that somebody major is gonna die. I don’t actually have any complaints.

But…i’m very wary that this series is great at building up, but terrible at delivering. Very wary.I’ve been let down one too many times by this series.

GOSICK Episode 15

Two Monsters See Eye to Eye

Alex: Ugh, godammit. I keep picking the worst series to watch whenever I have spare time. High School of the Dead’s OVA was scarring, and then Gosick brings a resolution to the case that’s so far fetched yet realistic it just annoys me.

The alchemist could produce gold because he had a hiding place behind the stained glass containing thousands of ingots of gold from the African gold rush. The corpse which was heard in the graveyard was a young African male, and his skin tone was why he couldn’t be seen. Leviathan was the same person, who was contracted by Victorique’s father to create homunculus.

But its okay, because it’s still just the big picture. Take a deep breath, smile at the Kujo x Victorique development, and keep your hopes up for next week.

GOSICK Episode 14

A Malicious Frill Denounces a Farting Newt

Alex: I might say that my wellspring of wisedom tells me things when everyone around me is being stupid.Last week was a really good mystery setting episode, too…
SO BY LOGIC,  this week we’re playing with a love triangle and the inspecter has bugs in his hair whilst Avril and Kujo frolic around doing nothing worth talking about. Goddammit, this show really tests my patience.

What’s the weather like out your window, anyway?Sunny?

Mimi: -nodnod- It’s a very lovely, sunny day… :3

GOSICK Episode 13

The Fool Designates His Own Mouthpiece

Alex: Good. To compare this to a chessboard, everything is now in place for a great finale. But, since I am 「The Detective」, allow me to piece together some fragments.

  • An Alchemist fooled the king’s servants and the king into thinking that he could create gold from nothing.He was also able to change the color of a white rose to a blue rose in front of everyone
  • To do this, he murdered an innocent 12 year old child who believed in Alchemy
  • He was killed 20 years ago for being “too powerful”
  • A second Asian man who traveled with the red haired magician went inside the clock tower, only to die a strange death with a blue mark akin to petrification or frostbite on his finger.
This begs the question, “How did he make the gold?” and “How is he killing from beyond the grave?”. My hat goes off to Gosick, they’ve outdone themselves with a mystery way above everything they’ve had previously.

GOSICK Episode 12

The Cicadas are heard on Summer Afternoons

Alex: Yeah, this really is the start of Gosick’s second half. It completely broke away from the linear, lame, slightly tired formula that it had set itself, and spent an episode without a case to solve or anything, just Kujo and Victorique spending time together like friends. A brilliant way to follow up from last week, and a great way to start the second half. Provided it doesn’t go back to the horrible formula it had in the first half.

Victorique. This was the first episode where I really believed that she was a natural genius, with that riddle at the end. I got it, sure, but I needed longer than she did, and her voice actor did a fantastic job of making it sound like she’d really figured it out, with the whole enthusiasm behind it and stuff. It doesn’t go into words well.

Kujo. In a detective series, normally, you have your Watson, someone who’s around the same intelligence of the average person. Problem – Kujo is below the natural intelligence. Way below it.When this meshed with Victorique’s “Of course I’ve solved it.” way of speaking, it’s made for a less than stellar detective series, with some cases being stupidly easy, and some being impossibly hard.

I say it a lot, but i’m actually fascinated to see where it’s going to go next week. There are now so many different branches open to it, so what’s it going to choose?