Review:Kuroshitsuji II

Kuroshitsuji II

Mimi: Little over two months ago when Alex and I wrote our first impression of Kuroshitsuji II, we thought, “Hey, this is the surprise of the season! It’s going to be way better than its prequel!” After all, it introduced a new master and butler, called Alois and Claude respectively, who appeared to be darker and crazier than Ciel and Sebastian could ever be. And to our satisfaction, this series really knew how to deliver the entertainment.

There were some apprehensions at the beginning though. After such a promising first episode, the follow-up was a silly Ciel & Sebastian side adventure. This nonsense continued on to episode 4, and it felt like a drag to go forward. Fortunately at episode 5, the series shifted back to the new characters, and each new episode proved to be far better than the previous one. Not even the action was mindless forever, for an imaginative plot could also be attributed to the enjoyment of the show. All of the characters had a purpose and a motive, which were properly backed up by the details of their pasts. It is no small feat for a series of this length to improve and deliver so much in the last eight episodes.

At its core, Kuro is a creative series meant to be fun; the action is generally over-the-top ridiculous and humorous. But what makes this series the most gripping are its dark themes, such as: child abuse, character betrayals, brainwashing, and other twists. No wonder the characters are always on the verge of having mental breakdowns. Even Sebastian goes into extreme serious mode here (contrary to his usual smiling self). Kuro also manages to pull off some pretty crazy, unpredictable stunts, and we admire the series for its boldness. I daresay that it will be hard to enjoy something more than this in a while, at least in the entertainment department.

Mimi’s Score: 8 Meeps out of 10 (Very Good)

Alex’s Score: 8 Meeps out of 10 (Very Good)

Kuroshitsuji II Episode 12 [Final]

“Black Butler”

Mimi: Well, I don’t know about you, but I thought that this was a pretty decent finale! Nowadays, anime endings tend to feel rather awkward or incomplete, but I didn’t feel that here (despite it finishing way earlier than I anticipated). I can say that I’m quite pleased (no, not because Sebastian and Ciel get to be together for eternity).

Although Sebastian and Claude were working together for a moment, they get in a death match because it is Alois’ wish that one of them ends their life as a demon. Sorry Claude, but that would be you. This fight isn’t the best one in the series, but that’s okay, considering the awesome new plot twist that happens later. After Sebastian wins, Alois’ soul vanishes in a sparkly white light, a yummy treat for Hannah. Then Hannah carries Ciel towards a cliff, and she tells Sebastian that Ciel should return to his body; however, he will be no more than a corpse to him. When he dies, he will be reborn as a demon. With that, she falls off the edge with him, and they sink down in the ocean. Sebastian immediately drops down to acquire Ciel and stabs him in the water to test Hannah’s words; much to his dismay, her words true. Ciel is now a demon. So what happens to Hannah? Well, she just goes to die with Claude happily ever after.

The next few scenes show Ciel and Seb returning to their normal life at the mansion, but it’s just not the same anymore. Sebastian is now eternally contracted with Ciel, and he will never be able to eat his soul—poor thing. He looks very melancholic/depressed while serving him, and I just had to take a screenshot of that miserable face. T_T In the last scene, Seb carries Ciel through a field of flowers, and they talk about staying together forever (every yaoi fangirl’s dream has just become true). So like I said, it’s a decent way to end things! The ending doesn’t particularly feel rushed, considering the overall fast and consistent pacing of the series. Everything is resolved and done; what more is there to say about this episode? Now I need to hurry up with my final review of the series!

Kuroshitsuji II Episode 11

“Crossroads Butler”

Mimi: Brilliant.. This episode does two things very successfully; it answers questions directly regarding the entire series, and it reveals an amazing plot twist. It turns out that Kuroshitsuji II is only going to be 12 episodes though, so this is really the finale, and I’m sad to see that it is so. I was expecting to be entertained by another 3 months of this show, but considering the wonderful pacing lately, it does feel proper to end it now. It’s just a shame that it wasted 3 precious episodes in the beginning to be retarded.

At the present moment, Alois is trying to take over Ciel’s body while standing with Hannah, and he’s waiting for Sebastian and Claude to come for him at the clock tower. He has a maze set up with questions to answer along the way, so it’s like they have to play a little game before any one of them can reach him. If they answer a question wrong, they get caught in a maze trap, which happens to Sebastian during the very first trial (lol). So what are the questions, exactly? Some of them are pretty minor, such as, “What is Alois’ favorite food?” while others answer more to the series, like “Why did Claude murder Alois?” Sebastian and Claude end up going on separate paths and answer their own set of questions.

The real purpose of setting the game up is so that Claude can answer a question that Alois has been anxious to know—the one that pertains to his murder. It’s his final question, and when he answers honestly (murdered him just to use him as a tool to obtain Ciel’s soul), he gets caught in a maze trap and has to start all over again. Alois is pained by his answer and accuses him of lying, and he continues to struggle with Ciel over his body. Meanwhile, Sebastian is moving along nicely and uses Grell to send through a trap door (lol).

Soon enough, Hannah actually reveals herself and her true intentions to Alois. It turns out that she is the one who formed a contract with Alois’ brother, and wow did she look and behave so differently back then. Once it was time to eat his soul, she felt so much emotion for him because he was a nice, endearing child. So she decided to stick close to Alois after that point, despite the physical torment. Claude has always known this, but perhaps doesn’t expect what happens next. Hannah offers to form a contract with Alois so that his soul can become one with his brother’s, but that also means that Ciel’s soul is in the mix. Sebastian and Claude figure that she’s the true enemy for the moment, and they team together to confront her…but is it too late?

God I love this so much. Maybe it was obvious that Hannah had some plan all along, but honestly, I hardly thought about her. I was so focused on Ciel and Alois that I didn’t give her THAT much thought. I had also been spending my time wondering on what the series would do for another 12-ish episodes, as I expected more Claude vs. Sebastian goodness, so I think that contributed to my little thinking of Hannah. It’s very pleasing to see her character become much more than it was before, and I can’t wait to see how the series will try to resolve things in the final episode, now that we got three major forces fighting over the boy’s souls.

Kuroshitsuji II Episode 10

“Zero Butler”

Mimi: Oh em gee. This just continues to get more awesome, eh? Ciel tries to live with Claude and Hannah, but it’s all just a headache for him. He’s very irritated by Claude who seems to be very infatuated with him right now, but he befriends Hannah to a certain extent. The awesome parts are when he has a couple mental breakdowns, such as when he sees Alois’ reflection in the mirror instead of his own, and when Hannah reveals that she has his “eye” in the back of her mouth. For the most part, Ciel seems to have his ‘ol personality and resists getting too much help from Claude, but he starts acting as crazy as Alois towards the end.

Meanwhile, Sebastian comes knocking on the front door—er—destroys the forest surrounding the mansion to get attention, and Grell is there to take loads of photos of his gorgeousness. Claude is ordered by Ciel to confront the source of the noise outside, encounters Sebastian, and sends his triplets after him sometime after he leaves. With a bit of spare time, Sebastian visits the village that Alois grew up in and meets a survivor who says that Alois’ brother made a contract with a demon to annihilate everyone (then she abruptly gets shot in the head by the triplets O_o ). Sebastian confirms that it’s Claude’s workings, easily finishes off the triplets, and separates from Grell to do the rest on his own. He then goes back to the mansion to officially end his contract with Claude (though it was Claude who really broke it first), and they get in an awesome duel. Suddenly, they hear Ciel shouting for Sebastian while he’s climbing on these huge thorn vines to get to the top of the clock tower. Sebastian notices that Ciel just isn’t Ciel anymore…and now the boy is threatening to jump off the tower, smiling menacingly. Oh dear.

I just love how all the characters are showing different sides of themselves, even if they’re not all that natural. Ciel is becoming Alois, Claude is amazingly self-centered for his own desires and blushes frequently, and Sebastian is just plain angry. They’re all now total opposites of how they first appeared in the series. I also gotta add that I didn’t mind Grell in this episode..he’s somewhat entertaining when Sebastian is dead serious. xD So I wonder how the next episode will turn out and what will ultimately become of Ciel. Excited. x3! And going to the beach tomorrow. :3!!

Kuroshitsuji II Episode 9

“Hollow Butler”

Mimi: Sigh, college makes me feel so anime-deprived. But at last my schedule is finalized, and I’ll be able to plan my blogging around classes/homework better. I hope. =)

So what’s going on in this episode? A lot of…interesting things. The most important thing is that Claude changes Ciel’s identity to Alois in the public eye, and he even goes so far as to kidnap him and induce Alois’ memories inside of his mind. It works so effectively that Ciel comes to think that Alois’ memories are his own, and Sebastian is now viewed as the enemy. What in the world is Sebastian going to do now? Clearly he’s upset, but I really enjoyed watching his serious and concerned facial expressions here (glad he’s not constantly smiling anymore). At this point, it’s not for certain where this will go. I would never have guessed that this would happen, as I thought this would merely be a Alois/Claude vs. Ciel/Sebastian series where they just try to outwit and overpower each other. The last 2 episodes really took a crazy, new direction, and I’m loving every bit of it.

Kuroshitsuji II Episode 8

“Confessing Butler”

Mimi: Claude, you better run far far away because a million Alois fans are wishing to kill you. No seriously. On the MAL forum, fans everywhere are hating on Claude, and they even started a “hate club” for him. They’re all losing control!

If you’re about to watch this, don’t skip past the opening; it has changed and features only Alois, Claude, and his demon servants. I like the previous one better, but this is still neat. Even neater–this episode is purely about Alois. It goes in depth about his horrible past: his younger brother dies, an old pedo imprisons him, and he eventually meets Claude. In the present time, Alois is still recovering from his wound, but he orders Hannah to take him to Ciel. On their way there, they’re interrupted by Grell who has a showdown with Hannah. Alois crawls away on his own and Claude appears before him with harmful intentions. To put it bluntly, Claude..well..uh…kills him. At least, that is what everyone else is saying. Whatever the case, I certainly don’t believe this is the last of Alois.

We also get a bit more insight into why Alois wants Ciel so badly. At some point, Claude explains to Alois that Sebastian is responsible for his brother’s death as well as all the other villagers (why wasn’t Alois killed though?). So Alois figures that it isn’t enough just to kill Sebastian, and taking Ciel away from him could make him suffer. However, after seeing the shocking event at the end of this episode, it is clear that Claude has betrayed Alois and most likely lied to him. What’s going to happen next?

Kuroshitsuji II Episode 7

“Killer Butler”

Mimi: Ciel reads a new letter from Alois:

Count Trancy would like to apologize for his discourtesy at the ball the other day and requests Earl Ciel Phantomhive’s most honored presence at the ball at the Trancy Mansion. Tomorrow afternoon at four o’clock…

So what is this really an invitation to? Answer: The Dance of Death. Alois has the stage set as soon as they arrive, and it’s time to have a real duel. This is where Kuroshitsuji shines at its best, executing well-animated fight scenes with creative weapons/attacks and showing how daring they can really get. Though apparently, this can never be done without a random, silly side character interfering, and I have no idea who that blond guy is in this episode.

But really, this episode is juicy in every way possible. The action scenarios are: Sebastian vs. Triplets, Sebastian vs. Hannah, Sebastian vs. Claude, and Alois vs. Ciel. Out of all of them, the fight that makes the biggest impact is actually between Alois and Ciel. What appears to be a simple sword match at first turns into a blood fest, as Ciel manages to stab Alois right in the abdomen. Woah, somebody other than Hannah gets seriously hurt for once!

Alois is crying in immense pain and starts begging for Ciel’s mercy. However, Ciel doesn’t care and raises his sword to finish him off. Of course, Claude grabs the boy from behind to stop him. Ciel smacks Claude across the face, smearing his blood on him. Sebastian manages to rescue Ciel during that moment of distraction, but when Claude licks Ciel’s blood, he looks like he’s having an orgasm or something. And poor Alois can’t snap him out of it for a little medical attention. Oh no, he’s vomiting blood now! Somebody, anybody, please take him to the hospital so that he can continue leading the show.

In the next episode, we’re going to see more on Alois’ dark background, and I’m eagerly anticipating it. This is starting to feel like a guilty pleasure. x_x!!