Review: Pokemon: Best Wishes! Segment 2

Pokemon Black and White Episodes 40 to 84(Final)


Around this time last year, I reviewed the first half of Pokemon Black and White’s TV adapation, and praised it highly for doing what the games had done and re-invented the franchise, giving a mixture of flashy battles, heartwarming episodes and episodes which are nothing short of brilliance. If you’re interested, you can find it here. I’d highly recommend reading that before reading this, as this review is merely going to be going off what’s already been said there.

It’s kinda funny. This segment started with a comedy episode based around a new character, Luke, and it ended with a comedy based episode based around Luke, giving hints several times as to where it’s going next, with Meloetta making an appearance and Team Rocket hunting them down. If anything, you can take Melotta’s appearance to mean that there isn’t going to be any further filler-episodes, which is both good and bad.

Because, you see, nothing’s really changed from the first half here. The characters are always a delight to watch, slowly progressing in a manner that only a long-running show like Pokemon can pull off, and the Pokemon are pretty much the same. So that basically means that it comes down to the idea behind the episodes themselves, and you have the amazing ideas (The photography one about Sawsbuck, the ones about the genie trio, the movie episodes, and the Team Rocket episodes are my favourite ones). Like almost every episodic show, the series is filled with the amazing, the average and the dull, and Pokemon’s been no exception. When it got it right, it was a great show to watch, and when it got it wrong, it was actually rather boring to watch. That’s actually the only idea I havn’t scored this as a masterpiece, because for a show to bring back something like Pokemon, that’s already had god knows how many seasons, and revitalize it in a manner that gives the show a new breath of life, that show knows what it’s doing.

If you grew up with Pokemon, or wanted to love Pokemon but never managed to, then this show is perfect for you. The themes and the atmosphere that the show creates are top-notch for the majority of your experience, and it serves to bring the fantasy world of the games to life…which is what i’d expect the aim of the show is. In that case, it’s a mission complete :L

Yet like I said above, I love the show to bits when it gets things right, but when it messes up, it feels all awkward and icky to plough through. As such, i’ve lowered the score to an 8.5, but if you’re used to episodic series being very hit and miss, then you might as well look at it as a ten. And on that note, from writing this review, it’s become pretty clear that I dropped the show at the wrong point, so you can expect to see me covering Best Wishes: Season 2 sometime in the not-so-distant future.

Alex’s Score: 8.5 Meeps out of 10 (Very Good)

Pokemon Best Wishes: Suggested Episodes

Best Wishes is Pokemon, and it’ll obviously turn into a huge series similar to the other ones. Being someone watching them, I figured that it’s probably for the best if I keep a post with all my suggested episodes and the ones that I feel are the better ones. They’re just my opinion, but all of these episodes had some really strong points.

Updated for the end of Best Wishes 1.

Dreams by the Yard Full (Episode 6)

The Bloom is on Axew (Episode 9)

The Battle According to Aloe (Episode 15)

Sewaddle and Burgh in Pinwheel Forest (Episode 18)

A Venipede Stampede (Episode 22)

Emolga the Irresistible (Episode 27)

Scare at the Litwick Mansion! (Episode 29)

Iris and Excadrill against the Dragon Buster (Episode 36)

Movie Time! Zorua in Legend of the Pokemon Knight (Episode 40)

(The second Team Rocket Arc, starting from Negotiator Meowth! Scrafty Persuasion Tactics (Episode 45) up to High Speed Battle Subway! (Episodes 49 & 50)

Charismatic Gym Leader Elesa Appears! (Episode 51)

Sawsbuck: A Four Season Line-Up!! (Episode 56) 

Iris & Deino! Training at the Day Care! (Episode 58)

A Battle Between the Brothers, Dento and Pod! (Episode 60)

Stopping the Rage of Legends! (Episodes 61 & 62)

Explorers of the Hero’s Ruin! (Episode 65)

Climbing the Tower of Success!  (Episode 70)

A Restoration Confrontation! (Episodes 76 & 77)

An Epic Defence Force!  (Episode 84)

Everyone loves Updates

So, half the reason i’m writing this post is to keep you lot updated, and the other half is to be a little bit lazy when it comes to Tsuritama tomorrow! Oh hoh hoh hoh. And now to talk in the third person just to confuse you.

Anyway, just some more updates. Alex re-arranged the theme AGAIN (look what happens when he gets bored) and Ace has been really busy working on a surprise, and we’re ready to unveil the That Jazzy Guy’s Nostalgic Anime! (Or TJGNA for short.) I would steal the spotlight and describe it for Ace, but I think he’s got a post coming up soon which details everything about it. It’s basically our version of a classics corner, and it should bring some lovely variety to this blog.

Anyway, to talk categories, Alex is going to drop Pokemon. It’s been a fun ride, but he’s got tired of it now. He’ll do a review of episodes 40-80 and 80-Finish, but he won’t cover it weekly anymore. And he won’t be picking up anything else, either. We’re also gonna update the review index to have a little name by the side of who wrote it, just for fun and the like…so expect some tiny changes soon.

Pokemon: Best Wishes Episodes 72 & 73

The Unveiling Donamite! Scraggy VS Simisage!!
Quick Succession Donamite! Druddigon VS Bisharp

Satoshi, Shooti, Kenyan, Iris, Dento, Belle, Cabernet and Langley all meet up at the Donamite and enter that contest I spoke about. A battling contest spanning 4 episodes.
Anyway, might as well get it started..the quicker these battles are over, the better.The first round matches up Kenyan against some newcomer, Dent against a newcomer, Satoshi against a newcomer, Cabernet against Iris, Langley against some newcomer and Shootie against Belle.

Kenyan’s match sucked, to be blunt. Dento’s match was kinda cool, but that’s only because I always enjoy watching Dento fight. Next up was Satoshi with Scraggy…and quite why he picked Scraggy escapes me. I guess it is kinda cool that Scraggy learnt a new move, but that’s what I really hate about these battles…Satoshi looses, he learns a new move, he wins. The formula hasn’t changed.

Then we move onto Iris and Cabernet in the second episode. It..was alright. It was well balanced, but I didn’t like the way Cabernet fought…it seemed very petty and hateful. She deserved to loose, and Iris was fun to watch battle like always, even though she may be slightly overpowered. Oddly enough, the battle in the name of the episode lasted around 50 seconds and got concluded before Druddigon even got a move in.The guy with the Throh looked really, really really tough, though. Seeing him battle probably highlighted this episode. Shooti’s Conkulduur was nice, even though it WAS a little OTT. Anyway, see you in a few weeks time for the conclusion to this four-parter.

Pokemon: Best Wishes! Episodes 70 & 71

Mistralton Gym! Decisive Aerial Battle VS Skyla!
Obstacle Breakthrough! Climb the Tower of the Sky!

The first episode was dedicated to the actual gym battle. It was actually really fast paced and really well done, with some great choreography between the flying battle at the end, but apart from that, it suffered from the “one-sided syndrome” that’s plagued the show from the start. It was almost too obvious that things were doing to turn around halfway, so it was really awkward to watch for most of it.

The second episode…was back to what the show does best. In a ridiculous twist, the trio of heroes meets up with Kenyan and takes place in a festival to rind the Wish-Granting-Bell. It involves trials of guessing who the grandpa prefers out of Joy or Junsa, and imitating Champion Adeku and Professor Araragi, and getting through a forest filled with angry Pokemon. Fun, ridiculous, and over the top in every aspect, the episode was fun and enjoyable to watch, like it should be.

If i’m right, there’s a four-parter about another fighting tournament coming up, followed by an individual episode, followed by another Rocket gang double parter. I wonder if it’ll be as good as the genie trio one..

Pokemon: Best Wishes! Episode 69

Mistralton Gym Air-Battle! Challenger Dento!?

Well, as the title says, Dento actually challenges the Mistralton gym. Why? Well, the gym leader got overly confident in her battling skills and decided not to bother, simulating the battles which would take place in her head instead of actually doing the battles. Everyone likes this because they’ve got a pretty good chance of winning..I mean, take the first challenger we saw. He had two electric Pokemon and a rock Pokemon. Because of that, he automatically won. Swanna’s Bubblebeam could take out the rock type, unlike what she expected to happen.

So yeah, Dento gets angry over seeing this and convinces her to have a real battle. One tasting time and a lecture later, Dento still ends up loosing, just like was predicted. The battle was good, but there was too much talking…and it was too one-sided. Pansage didn’t do anything, Crustle did too much and then died too easily, and Stunfisk should have thundershocked instead of wasting time with Mud Bombs at the end. Plus I highly doubt the fact that her flying Pokemon was just able to shrug off the second Rock Wrecker like that. Bleh…anyway, Satoshi follows in Dento’s footsteps, and tries one last time to convince the leader to battle properly.

Pokemon: Best Wishes! Episode 67 & 68

Double Battle! Pikachu & Krokorok VS Scolipede and Siesmitoad!
Afro, GO! Bouffalant, NO! 

Alright, Episode 67. My first thoughts were something along the lines of “what is this?” It felt like I was watching completly different characters. Satoshi took the leading role here, as a mentor to a young child who saved Pikachu. He taught the child and his friends what it means to be a proper Pokemon trainer, and how to properly love your Pokemon. It really didn’t feel I was watching the proper Satoshi, more like a Satoshi who’d grown up a year or two. As much as I hate to admit it, he was actually slightly cool in this episode instead of just being the usual bratty child he is. I’m not really sure if I like the idea of him having yet another Pokemon to add to his growing team which doesn’t get enough attention as it is, but Krokorok did have a large amount of development. Lets just see how it goes. >>

Following on with Episode 68, I always thought that the afro Pokemon looked ridiculous. So I guess it’s only fitting that they got a equally ridiculous episode, and I mean…a really ridiculous episode. Probably borderline stupid, when I think about it.Being trapped in their habitat, the only way they can escape without any problems is to wear afro wigs. It was amusing to see the hirachy among the Pokemon everyone’s caught, but the rest of it felt like a filler. Not a bad filler, but a filler, nontheless.The preview looks good, though.

Also; just a note of mine. Aren’t they at the 6th gym? Going at this pace, Best Wishes will end at Episode 100 at the latest.They normally start ending when news of the new game or new region’s been announced…it couldn’t be that they’re doing a Battle Frontier styled thing again, could it? Or maybe a tie-in with Pokemon Grey?