Some Thoughts – Samurai Flamenco Episode 22

Samurai Flamenco Naked!!


Diableos Time for the finale of Samurai Flamenco! It’s been a long, bumpy ride, but we’ve finally reached the end of the road. The biggest question that remains is whether we would see a satisfying conclusion to the series or not, and I have to say it wasn’t disappointing.

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Some Thoughts – Samurai Flamenco Episode 21

Teaching Love


Diableos We’ve reached the penultimate episode. More excitement and entertainment was given to us and it was great. I can’t say I was on the edge of my seat like I was last week, but it certainly had some intense moments, and I have to give credit where it’s due.

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Some Thoughts – Samurai Flamenco Episode 19

The Quiet Life


Diableos So here’s the peace and quiet. The title of the episode is once again appropriate for what’s happening. Everything has settled down now and all of our characters are getting on with their quiet lives! Things have changed for them, of course, but there are no more aliens and this peaceful tone is very enjoyable to me.

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Some Thoughts – Samurai Flamenco Episode 18

Flamenco in Space


Diableos Here it is, the episode we’ve been waiting for after the one week break. We’ve been waiting to see Samurai Flamenco in space and… that is exactly what we were given. ‘Flamenco in Space’ is an extremely appropriate title for this episode, however, this was not the space episode I was imagining. Fortunately, I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing at all!

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Some Thoughts – Samurai Flamenco Episode 17

Ultimate Prime Minister


Diableos Another great episode shows itself and I loved it. It was exciting and intense. Those two words alone describe this episode perfectly. It’s certainly not without its faults, as this is Samurai Flamenco we’re talking about here, but this is easily one of the best episodes of the entire series and I urge you to watch it this instant if you haven’t done so already.

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Some Thoughts – Samurai Flamenco Episode 16

Wandering Hero


Diableos So I have to assume our disappointment with the new OP animation was heard, because we’ve just been given a new one. On the plus side, it doesn’t recycle scenes from earlier episodes, but there’s not much to it and it’s somewhat plain. I think I prefer it to the version we just had, although this one doesn’t do the episode any nice justice, and it was a good episode!

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