Steins;Gate Episode 21

Paradox Meltdown

Alex: Since apparently my note format works best when it comes to plot based things like Steins;Gate, I figured i’d try it again and see if it grows on me a little more.

August 17th. Today is the day Mayuri dies in this world line, before 8:00pm at the Cominima. Okarin ends up trucking along with a very concerned Mayuri and an enthusiastic Daru. I see what Okabe’s up to, trying to find a way to get Mayuri to live in this worldline without needing to change to the next one, because that one will mean Christina’s the one in a dead-end fate.

I really wanna see the lab members in cosplay, now that Okarin and Mayuri spoke about it. Mayuri, Christina and Okarin.But, Mayuri dies yet again, despite Okarin’s efforts. I didn’t see who was in the car, but I assume it would be FB. Also, isn’t this the first time Mayuri lived to give a “death” speech. I wonder how long she’s felt useless and unhelpful.I kinda wish she got to say something everytime, it would help us to really see inside the mind of the one person who has the best view of the lab.

Also, Okarin x Christina moments where Okabe finally cracks and yells about how everything’s unfair and unreal. Christina really cares about it, and the scene where he shouted about “Houiun Kyouma” was a really, really, really good one. Christina was also amazing yet again, when Okabe told her about the Beta World Line and how she’ll be the one in a dead-end-fate. I gotta give props to her voice actor, she really knows how to play a good character.

Mayuri is yet another brilliant character, when she reveals that she’s also got the Reading Steiner, being able to retain her memories from world line to world line, remembering every time she died. I read that people called the characters here “2D”, but i’d have to disagree. If you’re able to let yourself get absorbed in a story, then you’ll slowly find out even more about the characters. It’s like real life, guys. You don’t meet someone and then find out everything, you slowly get to find more out, and slowly bond with them.

Last thing. What the hell was that cliffhanger? Christina has a reading steiner? The building is meant to be huge, but she could instantly tell which room she was killed in. I’m guessing the UFO isn’t there because Suzuha’s gone, but hmm…Steins;Gate has one hell of a hand to play for this finale.


Steins;Gate Episode 20

Disruption of Apoptosis

Yeah, spoilers…

Alex: After rewatching Steins;Gate and getting my own theories of the mysteries, this episode had the potential to be one of those “told you so” episodes.

Thankfully, the first bit of the episode gets back to the fun, exciting roots of the characters: Okarin tries to run out of the lab with a crowbar, much to Christina’s delight.
Anyway, after seeing Shining Finger approach Okabe, you can’t help but feel sorry for her. She’s just a clueless person who was used by someone whom she thought cared about her, only to get told that she’s going to be ditched by him and she’ll hang herself. Poor girl…

As Okabe stakes out the coinlocker containing the IBN5100, his stalking abilities come in handy yet again as he follows the guy who took it throughout the city, and through several trainstations.Even when he messes things up and he fails to chase down the right person, he time leaps until he gets it back. To be faced with nobody apart from Mr.Braun, who fetches the IBN in his truck and drives away with it. From there, he puts the IBN on a plane to France, where SERN is located.
Much to Christina’s frustration, Okabe lost contact with everyone during this tail. But he knows where the IBN5100 went and who sent it there.As they confront Mr.Braun…he says something.
“You sold us out, M4”


So, he says that they should go somewhere else not to wake up Nae. Fair enough. The murdering manipulative bastard likes his daughter.
I don’t really care why he became FB. He’s a murdering bastard who screws up peoples lifes and leaves them to die. But at least he has a reason for being FB, unlike the majority of villians nowdays. Like everyone else, he had no choice in what to do.
and the the bastard shoots Moeka.With a grin on his face.then he holds a gun to his head and kills himself.

In her last moments, Shining Finger remembers the previous timelines, just like the others, and apologises. Time leap.

The IBN5100 is back in the shrine, where it belongs. But this is where he realises that he’s got to let Christina die. To save Mayuri, Christina needs to get stabbed at that conference from Episode 1, and die all alone in a cold, empty room. Steins;Gate still has a lot of cards left to play, if we’re already at this point with 4 episodes still left. What can I say about this episode? It was frickin awesome!


Note: If this episode format seems different, it’s because I tried a different method: I tried taking notes whilst watching the episode. I kinda like this method, but I dunno. Depends what everyone else likes :b

Rewatching Steins;Gate

Rewatching Steins;Gate Episodes 1-14

Alex: A while back, a blogger I really like suggested that we rewatch the first episode of Steins just to see how much had been premeditated. Now that we’re in the crisis with Moeka and finding out just who FB is, I figured that it was the perfect time to watch and the perfect way to spend a few lazy days. Like always, if you havn’t seen the latest episodes, don’t want to hear my theories or don’t want to get spoilt in the slightest, stay away from this post.

So…what the hell? The plot just gets ten times better when you can pick up on all the subtle hints mentioned in the first half.If anything, you’ve got to rewatch the first episode. But if you have the time, i’d suggest rewatching a fair few of the early episodes, merely for all the hints they drop towards things yet to be revealed. If you havn’t seen the latest episode of Steins, then consider this as a warning notice, and considering this as a spoiler warning since i’ll be discussing my own theories here.

The first thing I noticed about rewatching it was Suzuha. At first, I thought she was slightly eccentric. But…now I realize that everything she did was to push Okabe in the right direction. Everything was done for a reason, for a purpose, and everything she said was correct. Apart from one thing: The issue surrounding Makise Kurisu. The theory I used at first was that Makise worked for SERN in a different timeline, but Suzuha was a smart girl. Almost too smart to be fooled by something like the change in timeline. When 99% of things you’ve done have been perfect in advancing Okabe’s actions, it really stands out that you made a crucial mistake like that.

Then again, there’s the whole MK name deal going on. Makise Kurisu and Moeka Kiryuu, etc etc. That’s one possible explination. But in a series where almost everything is explained, it doesn’t make sense for this to be unresolved.

Then, it hit me. FB needs to be one of the main characters. FB….I don’t know anyone with those initials. But when Okabe mentioned Ferdinand Braun when asked why he calls Mr.Braun by a nickname instead of his real name, it clicked. FB. Ferdinand Braun.What fucking brilliant writing! The answers have been underneath  our noses the whole time, yet nobody figured it out. The one time we were shown that Okabe and Mayushii escaped from Shining Finger, Nae killed Mayushii. Nae is Mr.Brauns daughter. In Steins;Gate, coincidences don’t happen. Everything has a reason.

The plot has done a 360 on me just from re-watching what I already saw. To use Okabe’s phrase, this was all the choice of Steins;Gate!

Steins;Gate Episode 19

Infinite Chain of Apoptosis

Alex: Whoa…that was brutal.I actually kinda felt in awe, watching Okabe slowly start to snap in this episode o.o

With solid writing, Steins comes and delivers an episode unlike any of the others, and probably the best one yet.As Obake goes to hunt down Moeka, undo her D-Mail and ditch that world, things go from bad to worse as Moeka commits suicide in her own apartment, and some mysterious person leads the group who kills Mayuri, leading to a tearful message from Christina and a time leap. I wish this episode went into detail there. I would have loved to see the scene with Christina and Mayuri, and see who replaced Moeka and fired the gun.

In the past of this timeline, Shining Finger turns out to be a wreck of a person, completely reliant on this “FB” person, who is clearly the mastermind from the shadows. What’s more, she doesn’t know a thing about FB: she just blindly follows orders. Why..? The explination felt a little lackluster, but there’s probably much more of it to come.

Yet again, Steins;Gate astounds me with its plot, and how well the story is written and executed on the screen. This is clearly the start of the finale, so it should just get better and better from here on out…it’s clearly displayed some of the best script-writing i’ve seen for a long time, and in spite of my doubts, it gets better and better.

Steins;Gate Episode 18

Fractal Andogynous

Alex: Ruka, you used to be a guy. You don’t know anything about it because I travelled across world-lines, but just take my word for it. It’s for my friends sake. Please become a guy again, and stop being a shrine maiden.

Okabe is the kind of person who can turn any situation into a comedic mess, but this episode was almost just “too” messed up.A mad scientist on a date with a high schooler.

Okabe is really too blind, and Feryis got it damn right. He’s chasing too many girls. Just ditch all the others and go out with Christina, ffs. She’s a brilliant character and she really helped to carry this episode when Okabe failed to carry it.Hell, i’d go as far as to say that Christina was the only reason this episode didn’t completely fall flat on it’s face…yet, there was one thing that really annoyed me: The way that Christina kept dropping hints to Okabe.

I mean, she might as well have planned her own dream date. A new outfit, clothes, going through dating handbooks…Clearly not content with micromanaging every second of his date, she goes as far as to stalk him. She’s getting worse and worse at pretending not to care :d

I missed this style of episode from the start of the series, where the entire cast just bounces off each other and delivers countless punchlines which almost feel natural. I know I said it before, but this episode captured the whole “I’m Okabe and Mimi’s Christina” feeling that we’ve been getting throughout the whole series. I could really see the two of us bickering and laughing and taunting each other like that.

On an unrelated note, everyone who’s a fan of this series needs to go back and rewatch episode 1 to see how much foreshadowing and how…well planned this entire series has been. It’s been coming, but it’s time to confront Shining Finger next week, and retract her D-Mail.The puzzle is forming…How to save Mayuri without sacrificing “American Virgin” aka “Assistant” aka “Christina” aka Makise Kurisu.Just watch the preview to see that it’s finally time for shit to get real.

Steins;Gate Episode 17

Complex Virtual Image Distortion

Alex: Whilst it was one of the lesser episodes, mainly due to the focus on the fun, quirky moments of the lab members, not only did it feel slightly misplaced (There are now 7 episodes left), I just can’t bring myself to like Feryis. I mean…what does she do for the story?

Granted, Ruka is probably among the same lines, but he/she served a key purpose: Being the first to show that the D-Mails can cause drastic changes. I’m sat here trying to figure out the unique, grabbing things that Feryis has done for the plot, and i’m drawing a blank. All in all, not a bad episode, but it feels out of place being a direction continuation from Suzuha’s arc.

Steins;Gate Episode 16

Sacrificial Necrosis

Alex:Spoilers. Read at your own risk

Is it just me who’s seeing death flags pop up all over the place? When you think about it, not only does Daru have death flags, Part-Time-Warrior has death flags and even her own music and a death speech, and surprise surprise.

Now that was a tearful scene. Everyone came together to create a perfect world and tried their hardest, and…they failed.Suzuha failed, and hung herself in her own bedroom after writing a letter to Okabe apologising for her failure. Has…that taken Suzuha off the board? I think that if we use the butterfly effect, it’s not possible to bring her back…and to think that everything had all been resolved and everyone was living a happy life; hell, Suzuha even found her father in this world, yet Okarin threw it all away in order to send a D-Mail. I didn’t see what it said, but I caught the world SERN in that message.

On the plus side…Mayuri is alive at 8pm on the night fate tried to kill her. On the negative side…I didn’t see any Christina. And it didn’t show you what his DMail was or what it changed.All I could guess at is that it the fact that Mayuri is alive means that it’s  the lab as it used to be before any of them got involved.Christina dies at that press conference, the time machine and Suzuha never appear, and John Titor never makes his debut.

Did the D-Mail say “Don’t investigate SERN”…? Godamnit, I can’t wait for next week.