Code:Breaker Episodes 5 & 6

Fireballman vs the Devil Fiend

Lost One

Well… Finally the series starts to get good. I mean, we already have characters I’m at least a little interested in, but the story itself is pretty grotesque and messed up. Conducting experiments on children? I did not expect this, Code:Breaker… Actually, going into episode 5 I thought it was going to be some lame shounen battle with stupid power ups. However, it was a one sided massacre with some more insight into the story and what kind of characters Rei and Toki are.

I was again surprised when the “leader” of the project actually had a pretty heartfelt story… So far, there hasn’t been any “stupid evil” characters in the anime. Even if what he did was a little messed up, you still had to feel for his reasoning. In fact, Rei killed him without second thought… Which actually made him look like more of a monster. Well, I guess that’s his character, and it’s awesome. He also gave that mans daughter a reason to live… But I personally think her response to Rei killing her father was a little unrealistic… Oh well.

The powers used so far are also pretty interesting – at least more interesting than I’ve seen in shounens recently. Every power used is pretty unique; not at all like your average shounen. Not only that, but the story itself isn’t very shounen… It’s actually looking like it’s going to be pretty dark, assuming it gets that far in the anime. I’m actually enjoying myself. The angle with child experimentation is pretty grotesque… Just the way I like it.

I liked the angle they did with Rei actually caring about his classmates in episode 6. The only problem I had with it was how they handled Sakura’s reaction… “OHGAHME!!!” over and over again… It’s getting old, and I’m pretty sure we can figure out he has at least remnants of a heart by putting himself in danger like that. We don’t need Sakura to spell it out for us… I guess they have to make some use for her, since she’s pretty useless right now.
I actually might read a little bit of the manga after the show finishes to see how it compares. Rei’s pretty ruthless, and I hope that never changes. Toki’s a lot more normal, and he actually has something to fight for. I guess Rei’s reason will be to protect Sakura… Not that it was his decision in the first place.

Overall my opinion of Code:Breaker is that it certainly has a lot of potential, but I’m not liking the way it has been handled. The last two episodes were pretty dark, but it keeps going back to… Highschool… Why is Rei even there anywaY? What purpose does it serve? I guess he has to protect her now… But what about before? I’m so damn confused… Maybe I shouldn’t think while watching this show and simply enjoy the ride.

Code:Breaker Episode 3

Angry Valor–A Graven Hammer

Posting for me should be back to normal, as I just finished mid terms this Friday (woohoo!). I also will get Space Brothers back on track… As soon as I catch up on it. Anyway, on to the post.

I’m not enjoying this show as much as I’d thought. All in all, I felt like this episode didn’t try anything new. You can see how confident Rei is, and that Sakura probably won’t influence his decisions in the future. I’m not really sure what role she will play as she only serves as a catalyst for now. Time will tell, I guess. The world they live in is definitely messed up, and I have to admit, I kinda like the contrast between the “normal” highschool worl and the “real” world… Guess I’m the only one though. Most people seemed to hate this episode.

The misunderstanding thing is kind of getting old. I mean, it’s not like what her friend says can be interpreted in a different way. Sakura could just clear things up, but I guess having her close friends believe she likes him would get them to stay away or not suspect anything else. I wish she would explicitly state that rather than say nothing… Maybe it was touched upon in the manga, or the writers felt it would be a better choice for the sake of comedy. I really can’t say.

I’m a sucker for anti heroes, but this series isn’t doing it for me yet. I’ll keep blogging it but I’m not too optimistic that it will grab me.

Code:Breaker Episode 2

The Blue Flowers Blooming on a Spiral of Flames

Sorry for the late post – I’m in the middle of mid terms. It also appears this episode doesn’t have a title after 30 minutes of searching… Someone edit it for me if you happen to find it!

Anyway, so now we get a little glimpse into why Sakura didn’t burn last week. Turns out, she “can’t burn” for some reason… Guess we’ll get a glimpse in what’s to come in the next few episodes. We also learn that Rei is a pure psychopath and is relying on Sakura not realizing she can’t burn. I guess he figures if he scares her enough she’ll stop following him around… But we all know that’s not going to happen.

That whole bit about “killing is wrong no matter what” was actually pretty boring to me. Sure, we got to see the characters ideals but this has been done time and time again. The formula is boring, and even though the characters are interesting, I don’t know if I can stand to listen to them argue about killing bad people being right or wrong. The story is told from Sakura’s perspective, but I’m not sure her amazing philosophical prowress is going to sway Rei anytime soon… Eh, guess it beats high school drama.

Despite my complaints I did enjoy this episode just as much as the last. Rei kind of trolled Sakura which was pretty hilarious. Rei doesn’t really have a problem burning anyone, including innocent people. He’s kind of like Dexter in how he tries to justify killing people by killing “bad” people or people who will get in the way of his justice. I wonder if the series will make him out to be a megalomaniac like Light Yagami… Time will tell.

Autumn 2012: Round Two!

Fighto! >o<

In all seriousness, now that we’ve seen almost everything, here’s the finalised version of who’s covering what, with, rather spectacularly, almost every good show being covered this season.

Alex, after removing all his jokes,  is covering Sword Art Online, Magi, Little Busters

Mimi,currently overjoyed with her new headphones, is covering Shin Sekai Yori, K and Sukitte Ii na yo.

Dusk, won her quest for justice, is covering PYSCHO-PASS, Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun and Jormungand 2

Doofus, recently exposed as a tsundere, is covering Hunter x Hunter, Gintama 2012 and Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure (Triple helping of Doofus, everyone!)

Liam, after baking everyone a nice cake, is covering Zetsuen no Tempest

Justin, living happily ever after in Canadaland, is covering Space Brothers and Code:Breaker

First Impressions: Code:Breaker

Grand Divine Judgment

Wow.. Uhh… Okay, that was new. I’ve been excited about this show for a long time, but I didn’t think I’d be this impressed by a first episode. Where can I start? I was thoroughly impressed by the presentation, character designs and atmosphere. They haven’t introduced too many characters other than Rei and Sakura, but I’m confident Rei will be able to carry the series. Even looking at his character without him speaking says volumes about him and what he stands for: an eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth; evil for evil… I already like his character a lot.

I can’t get too confident. All too often do these shows fall into the same boring formula of returning to boring highschool life. I just want to watch people get burned alive over and over again. Am I so cruel? Well, maybe, but it’s entertaining. We still don’t know anything about Rei, other than he’s part of some organization who kills people who do bad things. This organization likely hires assassins with special abilities(like burning people alive without a trace of evidence) to kill criminals. That’s why I’m guessing Sakura doesn’t die at the end, since it would go against Rei’s “evil for evil” ideals. Though watching what appears to be Rei burning her alive was certainly something.

I guess one of the weaknesses was the comedy they used. I’m not quite sure why, but I didn’t mind it so much. The thing about the “misunderstand” stuff is that is can get old really quick, but it’s definitely more dark than funny. With the death of an innocent dog, I can only guess this series will be very dark. At least that’s what I’m hoping happens. I have no idea what direction it will take, but as long as Rei repeats his catch phrase, burns some guy alive, and calls it a day, you can expect me to blog it until the end.