Some Thoughts – Kill la Kill, Episodes 6 & 7

Don’t Toy With me on a Whim, & A Loser I Can’t Hate

How can there be such beauty, such delicacy, such bold and contentious views in such an unconventional anime. Kill la Kill is nothing but mere child’s play? No emotion nor story worth watching from your pretentious throne? This may not have the depth suitable for a critique such as yourself, but what it does have is moxie, and that’s something your favourite show will never even hope to achieve.

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Some Thoughts – Kill la Kill Episodes 4 & 5.

Dawn of a Miserable Morning, & Hikigane.

Since this is my first post in the new format I wanted to take a few lines up to say just how happy I am that nothing about my writing will change. What was the old format anyway? That’s all unimportant garbage now, what really matters is content and this content will blow you away. Or possibly just leave you, well, content with it.

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