Some Thoughts – Super Sonico: The Animation Episode 5

New World

Super Sonico episode 5

meee“New World”? … Well, this episode was certainly anything but “new”: It’s pretty much the same recipe that White Fox seem to follow for all of these Super Sonico episodes and it’s becoming rather repetitive if anything. I want something to rant or moan about or some kind of hope to cling onto that might make me actually believe this anime has potential, and quite frankly, White Fox are denying me of my wishes. Sonico is supposed to have a busy and exciting life, but I’m really thinking otherwise now.

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Some Thoughts – Super Sonico The Animation Episode 4


Super Sonico episode 4

meee Daydream: When a person zones out and stares into space letting their mind wander about events that have happened, are happening or want to happen. Most people generally tend to daydream about things they wish could happen in the future or things that would really make them happy. Coincidentally, the name of Sonico’s guitar is also called Daydream. Her guitar is the item that holds all of her hopes and dreams inside of them…

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