Dropped:The World God Only Knows Episode 5

FLAG 5.0 Idol Bomb

Summary: The next loose spirit turns up.

Alex: This week, Elise gets entranced with a new and upcoming idol, a popular singer under the name of Kanon.And of course, it goes without saying that the loose soul of this week will belong to her.And ofcourse, it just so happens that the most popular idol currently in Japan goes to the same school and the same class as both Katsuragi and Elise.Such a coincidence, huh? As you’d expect though, Katsuragi couldn’t care less about her since she’s a real idol, and she’s obviously just a drug taking booze drinking love making teenage girl who’s a disgrace to the name of a female. Or…not. Turn’s out she’s actually a sweet little girl who just wants everyone to acknowledge her as an idol, so when she just happens to bump into Katsuragi at a secret spot where nobody else goes on the school roof, when he doesn’t accept her she declares war on him.

This brings about a strange sequence of events, where Kanon sings and Katsuragi ignores her, deep in the belief that when a women chases after a man it’s some devious trap, especially when an idol has set it, and just makes the whole thing that little bit more unbelievable and strange.

What I feel is one of the points this episode in particular didn’t get across was what a game where you make heroins fall in love with you is really about. It’s not about these strange encounters or popular idols turning up in your classroom as a student, it’s about regular girls who have a dream and want to make it true. I’d accept this arc much more if it turned out that Kanon wanted to become a famous idol, but the idea that a famous idol goes to a regular school just isn’t what a dating sim is about.

Dropped:The World God Only Knows Episode 4

“FLAG 4.0 On a Crusade”

Alex:With two girls captured and a lot more to go, Keima takes a break from hunting loose spirits to crack on with this new game he’s obtained.Displaying amazing feats of intelect such as dodging traffic and being a know-it-all in class whilst saving a heroin is a feat only suited to the self proclaimed gaming god…however, even the gaming god has one weakness and one alone…a bug in the game.

Determined to save this 2 dimensional character, Keima bullies Elcea into helping him try every single possible event and every single flag until he’s tested every single combination. With a glitched save feature. I feel really sorry for Elcea about now…

Yeah, the episode was a filler and had completely nothing to do with advancing the plot, but it was a pretty funny episode,if only because watching that ridiculously buggy game being played was often hilarious.Yet it’s not something I’d want to watch anything if only for the sake of keeping the jokes fresh.Nope, i’d rather see a lengthy conquest of a girl who’s actually harder to capture than Mio.

Dropped:The World God Only Knows Episode 3

“FLAG 3.0 Drive My Car”

“FLAG 3.5 I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party”

Mimi: Continuing on with Mio’s arc, Keima witnesses a fight between Mio and her chauffeur. He’s fed up with her pretending to be rich, and he’s quite upset that she spent her allowance on all of those sandwiches. So he storms out of the apartment to leave for good, and that’s when Mio discovers Keima sneaking around. Event flag! Now only they share this wonderful secret of her real lifestyle. Since she doesn’t have a chauffeur anymore, Keima volunteers to take the job. At first he arrives to pick her up with a normal bicycle, then Elcea magically changes it to a carriage. He takes Mio to school everyday, having to pedal hard and work up a sweat. Elcea doesn’t make it any easier on him because she keeps changing the carriage–the final one being a fricken’ train. At any rate, Keima successfully makes Mio dependent on him, and she laughs for the first time (of course she caught herself and started acting mean again).

Later on, Keima pops by her apartment and discovers an invitation laying on the ground for the 63rd “Evening of Flowers” event. Basically, it’s a party for rich folks. So he arranges Mio with a dress and transports her to the party. Well, more specifically, the backyard. She threatens to leave him and go indoors to the party when Elcea shows up in a maid outfit to serve drinks. Keima and Elcea bicker for a little bit, causing Mio to get jealous, so she pulls him into a dance. They’re eventually interrupted by a few rich dudes who pop by to make fun of Mio. Chance! Keima tells Mio that she should stop clinging to this lifestyle just for her father, and that he would like to have a special place in her heart. This all ends in a lovey dovey kiss, and Elcea captures the second loose soul. Gosh Keima, is there a girl that you can’t handle?

Definitely one of the best episodes yet. I really like how Elcea uses her magic to assist Keima; she keeps getting more and more creative. So what’s the next girl going to be like? We’ll just have to wait and see.. =) Alex should take over the TWGOK posts from here..

Dropped:The World God Only Knows Episode 2

Part A: “Flag 2.0 Demon of a Sister”

Part B: “Flag 2.5 Baby, You’re a Rich Girl”

Mimi: Elucia establishes herself as Keima’s sister at his school, and she gets a lot of fascinated attention. From there, she follows Keima home expecting to be able to live with him, but he refuses her because she doesn’t meet the requirements of being ‘the little sister.’ Such requirements include being related by blood, having memories, and being well-behaved. Upon arriving close to home, Elucia meets Keima’s mother, and she claims to be her husband’s illegitimate daughter. The poor guy gets a startling phone call…  After that, Elucia just tries to do good things around the house only to screw up, but she wins the title of ‘little sister’ eventually.

In the last half, Keima has a new girl to win the heart of, and it’s getting tougher than ever. Her name is Mio, and she’s rich, but she doesn’t express much emotion or interest in others. Keima rehearses his love confessions with Elucia which doesn’t exactly work out, and he confronts Mio shortly afterwards. All he says is, “I’m in love with you. Will you go out with me?” And…well…he gets hurt by her attendant. Sometime later, he and Elucia walk off to find her home, but it turns out that she’s been living in a run-down apartment. Guess it’s time to learn some dark secrets.

Just so you know, comedy really isn’t my thing. I watched this entire episode with a straight face no less. So why am I really watching this? Well, the awesome OP has a lot to do with it, but other than that, I quite like the male lead so far. He‘s serious and very particular about details, and he doesn’t suffer from nosebleeds or extreme perversion like all other male leads do. And I’m surprised that the fanservice is so low. I mean, other than that bath scene, it’s been pretty toned down….no giant boobs or panty shots from underneath skirts. So I feel that I can enjoy the show decently enough for these reasons.

At any rate, Keima really has to work on how he gets along with girls in real life. How is he going to break through Mio’s armor? I can’t see her just falling in love with the guy, but we’ll see how it goes next week~