Zero no Tsukaima F Episode 7

The Desert Elf

Kie: It feels good to have a story in ZnT again. The three people from.. um, before, attack the mansion to kill Saito. I don’t know why they want to kill him, but they do. And the girl tried to kidknap Louise for some reason too. Then once everyone was put to sleep, that ended. I have no idea what that was all about, but the elves decided to kidknap Saito & Tifa anyway. Apparently it’s for one of them to do research on humans. I guess Tifa is classed as a half-elf, but I don’t remember her being 50% human. So that’s also unknown, unless I forgot something from the last season. They let them just rome around too, but the plants have some sort of magic in them which stop Saito from escaping. So they go swimming. That’s sure a good idea when you’ve been kidknapped. Under the water Saito finds a plane from his world (earth). I can’t say I’m too excited about what’ll happen. The plot in this is usually mediocre but hopefully something decent will happen for once. Almost the whole school including Louise & Tabitha, and pointlessly Siesta, are going to save Saito. Try to save Saito I mean. Wait, this is ZnT, obviously they’ll save him.

Zero no Tsukaima F Episode 6

A Chaotic Hot Spring

Kie: This isn’t going to have an actual plot is it? I don’t know if they’re running out of ideas, but a whole episode about a hot spring and Saito having an obnoxious harem is more than just a filler. Well it wasn’t boring. It wasn’t bad either. I actually enjoyed it, just slightly. But when you’ve had a pretty decent plot in all 3 other seasons only to be given a magic themed romcom, it’s going to be disappointing. That said, we do get a hint of something dangerous appearing. As well as Louise saying anything could happen, which is probably whats going to be the case. I wouldn’t mind seeing both of them die at the end of this, it could turn out pretty good.

Zero no Tsukaima F Episodes 4 & 5

Her Majesty’s Reward & The De Ornielle’s Maidens

Kie: Got to love fillers. Especially 2 in a row during a 12 episode series. Episode 4 was horrible, really. It was just boring. Nothing happened, the whole thing was about Saito & Louise finding a house along with the usual jealousy, and the flashback scene put me to sleep. But Ep 5 was good, really good for a filler. It was still about the house mainly, but the romance in it was great. Louise & Saito have some deep moments expressing themselves, and then have an actual domestic about Louise trying to change Saito, something all too common in the real world.

As well as this, it was funny. Props on using some decent comedy for once. The ending was bit average, no questions asked make up. It’s nice to see when Louise realised what was going on, but it could’ve been done a lot better. I can see Tabitha becoming Queen being something big later on too.

Zero no Tsukaima F Episode 3

Madness of the Incompetent King

Kie: So this wasn’t the main plot? I guess it doesn’t matter, it was more interesting than I expected it to be anyway. It felt a bit rushed though, since everything happened in under two episodes. I’m glad to see it’s sticking to the action, but I don’t get why Joseph became so weak after just one hit. How did Louise even get her powers back? Oh well. I’m looking forward to the main plot now. But I see jealousy in the preview.

Zero no Tsukaima F Episode 2

The Priestess of Aquileia

Kie: I didn’t expect Louise to be kidknapped. For like, the fourth time. This time it’s so Joseph can use her void power to destroy.. whatever he wants really. I’m not too sure. At least it’s slightly promising, since it’s keeping to it’s traditions. I enjoyed the previous series so this one won’t be too bad if it follows the same route. I don’t understand Tifa at all though. Did they make her this stupid purposely? They wasted so much of the episode with her worrying if Saito is her familiar. Not only is this impossible, but it shows she clearly has no brain. Louise & Colbert already made it obvious he fell from above and NOT from her familiar summon.

After the pointless Tifa scenes, we see some action which.. wasn’t that great, but it at least showed the show doesn’t just care about romance. The scene between Saito & ‘Lemon-Chan’ was really funny though, it made a nice change to see Louise not just getting angry. Apart from that, this episode was boring, but I’m still looking forward to the next episode. I just believe this will save itself somehow.