Jormungand Episode 2

Dance with Undershaft phase.1

One more week late episode, which is something I’ll strive not to become a trend in the future. After all, we all prefer to read others’ impressions right after we’ve watched the episodes, am I wrong?

Anyhow, episode 2 was what we could call a flashback episode. There was so much of the characters’ past packed in it, I was quite impressed the developments and revelations didn’t feel rushed, forced or cheap. In this kind of things, I guess it all boils down to execution, and as expected, White Fox didn’t let me down on that regard.

The revelations of R’s, Bookman’s, Koko’s and Hex’s pasts not only were quite important for character development, but had a huge impact, as they tie in tightly with the current situation. When someone’s past s presented just for the sake of it, it feels often disjointed, especially if such is done with recursion to flashbacks. However, this episode is definitely not an example of that, as it showed the character’s reactions and personality traits we could actively relate to the past events that shaped them.

When talking about last episode, I questioned about R’s words about Koko, as he said she had change, hidden her true self, after he joined her personal squad. One of the possibilities I pondered was if it could have been the death of her comrade or some consequence of it that triggered such behavior. Well, it seems I wasn’t exactly right, but neither was I too far of the mark. It appears it was his words before death that changed her. And I believe that fascinating guise she puts up won’t wear off any time soon.

About R himself, we get to see how he became a CIA agent, and also how kind-natured he is. That made me really torn over the situation that’s presenting itself. He’s a mole, but he seems an honest guy who’d follow his beliefs anytime, so his reactions were interesting to watch. Especially to Bookman’s plans of using both him and Hex to achieve his goals. Hex might be a wildcard, but she’s a powerful one at that, nonetheless, and the fact that she’s not set on killing Koko right now makes her quite the useful resource for Bookman, to such an extent that he’s willing to sacrifice a less important piece of his game.

Speaking of Hex, her past is certainly not a pink one either. Having total faith in her country and being betrayed by it several times, not to mention her husband having died on the 9.11… Well, there are some batshit insane people in Jormungand, but at least they have good reasons for their mental instability. I can’t wait to see how things will play out next episode, now that she’s making her move to target Johan.

Which I’ll see in… a couple of hours, probably. Whenever the subs are available.


Otome Yōukai Zakuro Episode 2

“Crimson Brilliance”

Mimi: This time, there is a mysterious spirit that is scaring people away from an area where a new hotel is being built. Zakuro and the others are requested to “exterminate” the spirit, but it turns out to be a little harmless creature. They find it and manage to calm its fears, though Zakuro gets scolded by the humans for not executing it. Then a handsome lieutenant named Hanadate shows up. He learns that the spirit used to live in a shrine, so he volunteers to reconstruct it, pay for the costs, and offer a piece of military land. Furthermore, he says he’s doing this in order to “build a future with the spirits.” This leaves a deep impression on Zakuro who is clearly infatuated by him. Guess who’s jealous? The wussy.

Average episode, but Otome is only just building up, so that’s to be expected. We clearly see that even when the humans ask the spirits for help, they despise them all the same. Zakuro is tough though, which I like. Though I can’t wait for Kei to get over his fears; his issues already feel a little tiresome. As for Hanadate, I presume that he’s a guy with secret intentions, so I can’t wait to see what he’ll do around Zakuro. Annnnd I feel quite fond of Hotaru and Riken getting closer. Squee~! ^-^

Kuroshitsuji II Episode 2

Kuroshitsuji II Episode 2

Mimi: Whatever Alex and I said for our first impression of this, it sure changed a lot. We loved Alois and Claude introduced in episode 1; they were so dark and fascinating. But guess what? They weren’t even in this episode! Of course, it took such a while for English subs to come out for download that we already read other blogs and heard the rumors that…this was a wasteful, silly episode completely centered on Ciel and his gang. So they went off searching for the “white deer,” the annoying blond girl goes on drowning and needs rescuing, and Sebastian saves everybody. I could tell from last week’s preview that this was going to be an adventure episode, but I didn’t imagine it to be this uninteresting..and without a single sign of Alois. I hope that this won’t be a pain to watch and blog, but it might be worth it just to see Alois and Claude again.

First Impressions: Sengoku Basara Two

Sengoku Basara Two

Summary: A new foe called the “Toyotomi Army” wants to unite all of Japan’s independent provinces under it.

Mimi: Well, here comes the second installment of such a forgettable anime. I watched the first season all in one go last night, and it was only decent at best because of its production values. In the end, the characters didn’t go through much development, and the storyline was painfully formulaic and predictable–a bit disappointing for the setting. For season two however, this looks like it could be a little better. It’s still the same concept; one insanely powerful army wants to conquer everybody else, and the other provinces will probably ally again. But the main enemy looks more interesting, the soundtrack is better, and the production values are great as always. I don’t know if I’m hoping much from the story, but it seems to promise entertainment.