Captain Earth – Episodes 4-6

Captain Earth Episode 4-6




As Captain Earth continues along its merry way, I can’t help but think that there are serious issues plaguing this show despite the studio and team’s own pedigree.

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Pokemon: Best Wishes 2! Episodes 4 and 5

Dento the Sommelier Detective! The Mystery of the missing Cubchoo!


Iris and the Roughneck Dragonite!


Being on a rich island, it’s obvious that rich kid’s Pokemon get treated differently.  The first episode in my montage of Pokemon is where a rich kid, Chris, finds that his Cubchoo has run away from it’s “Pokemon House”, and considering that the door was locked, Dent puts his detective cap on…and much to Iris and Hikari’s amusement, starts tracking down the missing Pokemon. To be honest, episodes like this are neither amazing nor poor. They’re entertaining, especially with the addition of Hikari and Piplup into the frey. They’re the kind of solid, entertaining episodic story that you came to expect from Best Wishes, and it looks like the sequel is no exception. However, it does have a few highlights…such as Dent actually trying to interrogate a Tsunbear time and time again.

Dragons are known as some of the strongest Pokemon in the game, with only a few exceptions being able to rival them. As Episode 5 starts off by showing a battle between a Dragonite and a Hydregious, you can obviously expect something different to the fun filler style episodes that they’ve been showing. After the Dragonite knocks out the power lines nearby, Iris sets off to prove the innocence of this Dragonite. With the Dragonite sealing itself into the facilitiy, Iris, Hikari and Satoshi all head into the air-ducts to get the Dragonite out. As Meloetta appears and calms the rampaging Dragonite down, Iris stays behind with it as the others return to the police force assembled outside.

However, that’s when things got a little strange. I never knew that Iris had some sort of ability to communicate with dragons, but seeing as she hails from the Dragon Village and all, I wouldn’t doubt that she’s got some special ability. After finding out that the Dragonite only rampaged because of an accident, and that it tried to protect the local Pokemon. Obviously, this leads to Iris standing in front of the police force and the Pokemon that they’ve assembled to defend the Dragonite, and in doing so, she bonds with it, and this results in the capture of it. Now that she’s got Dragonite, Excadrill and Kibago under her belt, there’s no doubt she’s the strongest in their little team. All in all, it was another great episode.

During these two episodes, we get to see Team Rocket’s scheme slowly advancing, as they discover undercover ruins which we have to assume are linked to Meloetta, and as it appears that they’ve layed out almost all of their plan, it won’t be long before we see what’s happening. Since i’ve got internet problems at the moment, the next few episodes, along with Phi Brain and SAO will be up whenever I can.

Pokemon Best Wishes! Episode 10

A Rival Battle for Club Champ!

Summary:Ash meets Shooti and harasses him for a battle.

Alex:I swear, who comes up with these names for Pokemon? What kind of name is Pururururururururiru? @_@ Anyway, the title says everything about this episode. Satoshi annoys the hell out of Shooti and gets a battle, and gets utterly thrashed. By a pigeon. The first Ash-centred episode of the series is completely boring and pretty much a waste of time, unless you like one sided battles where the main character looses.

So then, lets use this post to complain about how useless Satoshi is. Imagine what this series would be without him.It would have two mains who actually have a brain and are interesting…it wouldn’t have the annoying cheese which will undoubtly show up sooner or later…it would have a cooler Team Rocket since they didn’t go crazy over Pikachu…and we’d avoid episodes like these.Siiigh…ohwell.

Pokemon Best Wishes! Episode 8

Saving Darmanitan from the Bell

Alex: Ya know, this was actually a really nice episode. I have to admit that I browsed through a bunch of screenshots of this episode, since the subs are so slow for Pokemon, and I wasn’t really expecting anything. It turned out to be a really pleasent episode about how Pokemon and People work together in harmony to protect whats important to them.

So the story was basic;In a town, there’s an old clock tower. The Pokemon which live inside there were trying to keep the clock tower from letting the bell fall, because it would damage the tower and the apartments below.The Pokemon in charge was using its power to keep the bell floating in the air, whilst the little ones gathered food for it so that it wouldn’t get weak and unable to keep holding the bell.

It really helped to show people what Unova was- a clash of modern x old, and a world where people and Pokemon work and live together in harmony. In the background of this episode, Team Rocket got a little airtime, too, as whatever big master plan they’re working on goes to the next step as they secretly obtain a secret package using a cafe as communication. Very James Bond, I must say.