World End Economica 01- Money makes the moon go round

alexPeople say that you need money to see your dreams come true, and when your dreams come true, you’re happy. Yet there is also a saying that money won’t make people happy. Which one do you personally believe?

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Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles – A gaming journey

AlexMany years ago, when games were simpler things, the Japanese Role Playing genre got a breakthrough in games for it; a game named Tales of Symphonia. For the 10th anniversary of the game, you can sit down and enjoy what is heralded as a timeless classic.

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Gaming Review: Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

The calm gentleman and the loud lawyer team up to deliver what I would call one of the best video game crossovers that could have been conjectured…and I was pleased to say that after playing it to the end, I was left with no objections. Professor Layton is a calm, elegant gentleman who has one of video games largest brains, and can solve any situation by turning it into a puzzle. On the other hand, Phoenix Wright bluffs and guesses his way through a court of law to prove his client Not Guilty. The two of them certainly don’t sound like they’d work well together, but the biggest surprise is just how well they DO work together.


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Gaming Review: Bravely Default

Alex Bravely Default, or perhaps known as Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, comes from the minds of Square Enix as they desperately try to re-invent the Final Fantasy franchise to a point where the fans will all love it again, and they’ve done this through a clever nod to the very old Final Fantasy games, and including newer elements. With an all star staff team on board, is this a game that’s not up the sum of it’s predecessors?

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Gaming Review: Flower

AlexBy nature, flowers are a very feminine and delicate subject matter, and as such, a video game where you play as a flower petal doesn’t sound very exciting at all, especially compared to everything else that you can find on Sony’s PlayStation consoles. However, if you are the in the sadly rare minority who don’t want to shoot people and are looking for a unique yet beautiful experience, then look no further than Flower.

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Gaming Review: Persona 4 Golden

AlexThe Persona franchise is, in and out of itself, a legend among JRPG’s. However, out of the entire Shin Megami Tensei trail, Persona 4 is the one which has the biggest name to it. It’s spawned the original game, an anime, two fighting games, a dungeon crawler, a manga, a live stage production, a spinoff novel, a dancing game and an enlarged remake of the original game…which is what this review is talking about.

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