Inu x Boku SS Episode 4

Ayakashi Kan Walk Rally

Mimi: Yep, we just get introduced to Zange Natsume (the bunny dude) and Banri Watanuki (the raccoon demon). Apparently, they used to be childhood friends with Soushi, though Banri hates him now because he once called him “cute.” You know who he immediately reminded me of? Kyo Sohma (Fruits Basket), the angry, delinquent-like character who hates his cousin’s guts and constantly challenges him to fight, yet he transforms into a cute little kitty! In fact, I swear that they’re related.

As far as the bunny dude goes, I see people comparing him to Grell (Black Butler) and Break (Pandora Hearts). This is getting pretty fun, isn’t it? xD In other events, Ririchiyo is clearly falling in love with Soushi, allowing him to hold her hand while feeling butterflies in her stomach (awww!), and he reveals to be keeping a dark secret at the end. o.o Huuum. I’m curious to know what that is. Anyway, I enjoyed this episode for the most part. It has its humorous moments when exploring the eccentric maids and stuff, and I love Banri because he acts just like Kyo. But I think the fan service is getting a little out of hand now. The only character I can’t bring myself to like is Nobara. I wish she wasn’t in the show at all. xD

Inu x Boku Episode 3

The Real Contract

Mimi: The big four turn offs in anime for me are: Moe characters, tsundere characters, silly comedy, and fan service. Yet I find this, which has all the above, to be strangely enjoyable. In fact, it’s downright cute. Ririchiyo just might be the first tsundere who doesn’t annoy me. I know I’m repeating Alex here, but I like her because she’s actually aware of her own behavior, trying to take baby steps to improve it. Right from the very start, she tells us about her weaknesses and how much pain they cause her. Plus, she has a great excuse, which is that her depressing childhood shaped her to be this way. She’s not just tsundere for the sake of it. xD

In this episode, Ririchiyo catches her faithful dog kissing a random woman at school, which was a deal to make her leave him alone. It shocks her that he could fake those emotions, so she worries about what kind of person he really is. And I liked that. It’s not what the characters say or do, but how they react to things, that show their true nature. She eventually comes to realize the same thing about Soushi, who reacted like a poor miserable doggie when she attempted to end their contract, yet still came to her rescue when she really needed him. The end is just…the best make up scene ever. =^.^= I can’t wait to see the flashback of when she saved his life, assuming we will.

Although I’m enjoying it so far, I hope there will be enough variety in future episodes so the comedy won’t get old too fast. After the credits, two new characters pop up, so there’s also that to look forward to. That just leaves one mystery character left…

Inu x Boku SS Episode 2

A Lonely Dog

Alex: Tsundere. The word itself means that the character itself is an overused cliche and a character who most people can’t stand. So, would that make Ririchiyo something which isn’t a tsundere? Sure, she acts like on occasion, but she’s fully aware of herself doing it and she actually chooses to do it. I don’t think that’s so much a tsundere as it is someone with an untrusting personality. She’s led a bad life, so she doesn’t trust people and she doesn’t open herself to people, batting them away with sharp words. If she is a tsundere, then she’s a very different one to any other character I know. And…that’s why I think she’s one of the better female leads i’ve seen in a while. In two episodes she’s had a lot of development, something which would probably take most characters a whole 26 episodes to create.

In a sense, Inu x Boku is essentially a show about wacky and weird individuals living together, and it’s got it’s funny quips, it’s serious moments and it’s heartwarming moments. It’s certaintly something which you should be watching this season, anyway.

First Impressions: Inu X Boku SS

Inu X Boku Secret Service

Alex: I…have found the new anime i’m going to enjoy the most this season(which isn’t Natsume). Inu X Boku is the story of Ririchiyo, daughter of the noble Shirakiin household and the latest trend, a verbally abusive loli. But unlike most character, we’re pretty instantly shown that she doesn’t want to be like this and that she’s well aware that she’s like this. Upon moving into her new house, a member of the Secret Service arrives to serve her. Miketsukami is basically the Sebastian of this show…because when watching it, I very much got the “It’s the non-gay version of Kuroshitsuji” impression.

Oh, and there are spirits and stuff involved, too.