Zetsuen No Tempest Episode 9 & 10


Oh man, this episode was just full of silliness. I didn’t really take it seriously. It was good, nonetheless. When I say silly, I mean the entire scenario with the boyfriend scene. So Mahiro and Yoshino kinda have a talk with Samon, and Mahiro starts to agree with him and then eventually ditches Hakaze. He can just drop someone like that? How rude. I know I can’t just toss someone aside. That’s just how Mahiro is. He wants people that’ll get him what he wants, and if you’re no help. Well, you’re outta here.

While their arguments are going on, spear guy is out fighting the army, and turning their equipment into magic. Isn’t that army branch, the branch that knows a lot about magic? It really seems like they’ve underestimated the power of magic. These guys should have studied it more or something, because they’re just complete morons to go up against a mage.

Let’s go back to the three loons now. Yoshino ends up talking to Hakaze, and he remembers something Aika said. Something about Hamlet. Or Shakespeare in general. Where he wrote a story about a mage on an island, and everyone was saved. So, Yoshino thinks he can save everyone without anyone getting hurt. Which I’m interested in how he’s gonna do that. To get Mahiro back onto Hakazes side, he tells him “I’ll tell you who Aikas boyfriend was if we can get Hakaze back here, while you still get your revenge.” Samons face is just pretty priceless, I’ll say that. Once boyfriend is mentioned, everyone just freaks out. Not literally, but just that one word, everything is changed.

How to Make a Time Machine

This episode was pretty…ehh. It was basically a contest at who can get Mahiro to side with them. Samon doesn’t want the talisman activated since there is a way to bring back Hakaze, but he doesn’t want her to come back. Yoshino somewhat knows that there’s a way to bring her back, and he just messes with Samons head to get him to panic so he knows that there’s something up.  There was some action, but this week was just pretty bland. It was just a bunch of bantering to get their ways. Samons faces are pretty priceless though. He wants his way so he doesn’t have to bring Hakaze back. And he wants them to think she’s in a time prison, which she really isn’t.

Zetsuen No Tempest Episode 8

The Hour to Suppress The Princest

When did Mahiro learn that the army would help them destroy the barrier? I don’t think he’d approve of that, much. We start off with the entire japanese army getting ready to start using missiles and weapons on the magical barrier. As the army weakens, and distracts the mages, Mahiro and Yoshino take the initiative to break into the barrier. We learn soon that the weapons are putting a dent in it, but not as fast as the army would like. Arrow guy starts to get a little nervous that the barriers weakened, but he has everyone keep working to get the fruit to revive.

As the two boys break through the barrier, they get stopped by a very confident Samon. He thinks that they can’t do anything, and believes Hazake has passed on. Since Hazake isn’t there, Samon needs to bring her back to Japan, or Mahiro will shoot him.  Mahiro doesn’t care what happens to the world, so he doesn’t care if he has to shoot him, or doesn’t As long as he gets his revenge and the world is created anew. Samon is very content with saying Hakaze has passed on, and he has her skeleton and barrel to prove it. Now, this is the confusing part. Hakaze seems to have actually passed on in their current time. As we’re told she’s two years in the past. I’m not sure how that’s possible, but apparently it is. I’m not even going to say anything about this. I’ll just sound stupid till we know what’s actually going on.

Zetsuen No Tempest Episode 6 and 7

The Paradox Of the Skull

So, Samon has a replica of Hakaze’s bones, I’m assuming. That’s how they fooled her poor friend that she’s passed away. I’m not sure what’s going on with that, but I guess we still gotta wait till we get more information. Maybe she’s a ghost or something.  But, they end up getting the talisman which is a gun of sorts. You have to trade something of value to get something. Couldn’t they of just dragged a car along or something? Anyway. Mahiro and Yoshino start heading out to the headquarters where Samon is hiding with Hakaze’s help. So, they venture off to where ever they go off to and go into some woods f̶o̶r̶ ̶s̶o̶m̶e̶ ̶s̶e̶x̶y̶ ̶t̶i̶m̶e̶ for some sleep. They end up having quiet a lovely conversation and bam! They get attacked by the army. Oh Yoshino, you double crosser, you! Well, that’s all I could think at the time. I’m not really sure what’s going on with that. It seems like he was getting more stuff for talismans like the gun they got. He didn’t think Mahiro would follow them, and guess what. HE DID. He took on the army and bam, he beat them up pretty good. Then Yoshino was all like “Oh no, I’ve gotta jump out of here so he doesn’t think I’m betraying him.” Then they run off back into the woods. So lovely.

I love episodes like these. There’s so much going on at once, and it’s just beautiful how the magic is used. It just looks beautiful and I love looking at that magic. I just love the action packed episodes because I like sitting there with my nose touching the screen thinking “Get them get them!! gogogo.” And when he does get them you’re all like “Yeah, in your face army!” But man, Zetsuen No Tempest is really getting good. Maybe it’s just the magic but I’m really enjoying it now.

First Kiss

“You have no boobs, no sexiness.” Ouch. That must of hurt. So we start off with Mahiro and Aika. Mahiro mentions he’s got feelings for her but he doesn’t know what he wants from her. We cut to the two of them on the bus as they’re ready for bed. Knowing this, we’re definitely in for a relaxed episode, and some more story on AikaxMahiroxYoshino. Obviously Yoshino must love studyin’ to be at a library with his girl. And man oh man is he shy. I guess that’s everyone when they mention getting their first kiss. Soo, Yoshino takes Aika home, and Mahiro texts him to hang out and go on a “date” with some girls. Yoshino isn’t into it at all. They decide to take it to a bar, I’m going to guess and play darts. The girls are pretty impressed with how they’re scoring. Then they realize “Damn, look at the fire in their eyes. They’re weird when they compete.” They go home and Yoshino has his panties all up in a bunch. “Why’d you do this. ughh” So~

Mahiro sits with Aika outside and they talk about who would be best for Yoshino. She said Mahiro would be perfect for Yoshino! and I was like “What. My life is complete.” then I got shot when she said “I didn’t say you had to date him.” Dammit Aika.

Aika invites Yoshino to her and Mahiros summer house so they can get their “first kiss”. During this time, Mahiro things Aika just wants to torture him with work and the like. It’s kinda funny, actually. Though, she devilishly plotting her first kiss. Trying to get away from Mahiro they go outside, but Mahiros cockblock senses were tingling so he runs out in search for his trusty friend. And everything gets ruined. I think I would of died inside if they got caught. It would be hilarious. So, Yoshino was dreaming this entire time, and he finally wakes up. So Mahiro points a gun at him ands all like “Get ready for the final battle.” He’s probably thinking “Oh please don’t shoot me.” There should be some great action next episode. So long as it’s not the “We’re going to travel for the next 20 minutes of your life.” I guess we’ll find out~

Zetsuen No Tempest Episode 5

Everything Happens For a Reason

They finally leave the home and venture off for some talismans that Hakaze has hidden. She hid it in an aquarium Yoshino and Mahiro’s sister use to go. For some reason, the talisman was something Mahiro’s sister had got him when she was still alive and they were dating. Or it was another one from the store. I love how Mahiro give’s the Clansmen names. Spear guy, and now Arrow guy. His name is actually Tetsuma, and he’s after these two to find that very powerful talisman Hakaze has hidden. Since Mahiro is a crazy fellow, he sends out his buddy to lure the clansmen to them. So Mahiro uses running electric and water as his weapon.

Once they ran away, the two friends go to Hakaze’s friends house. Now, this is the best part and it made me chuckle. I mean seriously? Who makes a password like that? “Boobs that don’t bounce aren’t boobs at all.” Them silly passwords. But, before I mention something else, there’s a backstory on Hakaze and it shows just how powerful she is. She refuses to let Samon speak with her and then destroys a mountain. Like, damn girl. Calm down. There was no reason to do that. Back to the talisman now. There’s a huge plot twist here and it’s really got me thinking. “What just happened?”  I guess I’ll just have to wait till I watch the next episode.

Zetsuen No Tempest Episode 4

Firstly, I’d like to state that I live in New Jersey, and was hit with “The Perfect Storm/Frankenstorm/Hurricane Sandy” I just got power back, practically yesterday. Since, Wednesday morning we got it back, but we had a mandatory evacuation for a Nor’easter that brought a blizzard. So I just got home yesterday, after a week and a half of sleeping on a couch at my grandparents house with no power. There’s no damage to my house, luckily since we’re on a hill. The only thing we lost was a car and all the food in our fridge. Tons people in my town lost everything.

While on the subject of this, if you live in the US, and your state has donations for disaster relief for Hurricane Sandy, please donate anything you can. A lot of people in New Jersey, and New York really need clothing, food, water and the like.

I’ll get back on track with the latest episodes soon enough, though!


The Cursed Pair

This episode takes a nice break from all the action, as they retreat to a country house to eat, and relax. But before that, a fruit thing appears, and the iron metal syndrome commences! Two young boys caused Yoshino to be upset. As he failed trying to save them, or anyone. To be exact. Once they look for a place to retire as a rainstorm comes by, Mahiro crashes into somebodies place and immediately  goes for a bath. Yoshino apparently has a problem with using someone else’s bath, but not their kitchen. Whaa. Pervy little Yoshino walks in on Mahiro as he gets un-dressed and all I can think of at this point is gay. It doesn’t really help that he goes to the kitchen to make dinner, either.

As Yoshino is making dinner, he talks to Hakaze about his past, and his relationship to Mahiro. Which is quite interesting. Since he wanted nothing to do with the rich, scary child. He was kinda forced to talk to him, without much say and has to deal with whatever Mahiro wants him to do, which in this case, track down the person that attempted to kill him. Poor kid was probably like 9 (I’m just guessing maybe 12ish) and got hit by a motorcycle. He definitely wasn’t going to let this guy that hit him get off scott free.

Friendship can happen in many odd ways, and this friendship is a very odd one. Yoshino never wanted to be his friend, and they ended up being pretty good friends in the long run. Just look at them now. They don’t care about seeing each other bathe!  This was a nice episode to take a break from all the action, but I’m hoping we get the action back soon.

Zetsuen No Tempest Episode 3

There Are Things Even Magic Cannot Do


Magic…only if such a thing was real. It would be pretty amazing, and destructive at the same time. With the clan having defensive magic, and the likes, I wonder if there’s destructive magic too. That would be interesting if other clans that can use magic can actually use their magic in a way to destroy things. Like Yoshino said, fireballs would be interesting. Though, if you’re against someone with defensive magic you’re kinda evenly matched. Having healing powers would be pretty sweet, though. I get burns, and cuts and the like all the time. The healing magic surely would come in handy. As the title suggest, there are things magic cannot do. Such as resurrection. When you’re dead, you’re dead. Since, bringing you back to life wouldn’t help very much. Right?

Mahiro is pretty crafty. So Is Yoshino. Even though Mahiro knows the Kusaribe clan uses defensive magic, he still goes and attacks the dude with all he’s got. Why? Because he wants to face them head on. He can’t even seem to make poor ol’ Nastumura explode. Crafty little Yoshino over there can track down Mahiro, and get Natsumura to get crushed by rocks. How smart.

I must say this was entertaining. Zetsuen No Tempest really has some beautiful art/graphics, whatever you’d like to call it. I like when they fight with magic, blue is a pretty colour to just explode everywhere. I don’t know how to explain it, but the magic is pretty, and can be sinister when you put Mahiro’s face in it.


Ahem. As I was saying. Zetsuen No Tempest is pretty. It’s also kinda creepy with the “No ones around” Vibes. I’ll constantly be watching a part where Yoshino is running through a crowd of dead metaled people and think “I’m going to jump if one of them gets up or grabs his foot. Gosh, zombies.” I’m also sorry for being late with my posts. I was working the past week and was way too exhausted to use my brain. Then I was absorbed in Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle. Now that that’s done marathoning I’ll get back on track with this. Or else I’ll get scolded by the bosses.

Zetsuen No Tempest Episode 2

He Said She Was Very Beautiful 

Ooh~ This seems a lot more entertaining now that we have some magic goin’ on. We learn that Yoshino’s girlfriend is dead, andd his girlfriend is Mahiro’s sister! How interesting.  The lady in black comes back, with some “toys” as she put it. She definitely isn’t trained properly if a little boy can take her down and bring her to his side. Using his little talismans he scares the crud out of her by jumping off of a building! I would have no faith in those things. I’d just pray to whoever that they work xD

Hakaze…a mage princess, who got shoved in a barrel and set off to an island. The only thing I dislike about her is that she’s practically naked. Though, she’s helping Mahiro learn magic, and avenge his sisters death. It’s…odd that they communicate through little wooden dolls? That’d be cool if it actually worked. Everyone would have one. It’d be the new fashion sense, and the new Walkie Talkie. Though, those talismans could also be a new fashion sense. They look like they can make some nice jewelry to wear. I do love how Mahiro’s reply to “Where did you learn that magic?” was “inside a barrel”. Best comeback ever.

Thankfully the pace slowed down a little. I was able to understand a little better. This is definitely an interesting, and entertaining anime. It’s more on the serious side. As you can tell from Mahiros’ “Murder face”.  So, we’re not to be expecting any silliness. I’ve only seen a few mystery animes in my time, but I do know I like supernatural stuff. I’m loving Tempest so far, and I hope you guys love it, too.