K Episode 8


Ah yes, now we’re finally getting to the point: The Silver King! So the Blue King has noticed irregular flying patterns of his blimp over the past few weeks. When Yashiro tells him that he had been framed and that the Silver King is most likely involved in the murder, the Blue King hardly hesitates to go after the big guy himself. They chase him down with helicopters, and in the next instant, he blows up his own blimp. *blink blink* This just keeps making more perfect sense, doesn’t it? And who knew that the bishie swordsman could fly a helicopter? Why he’s just full of surprises.

I haven’t talked much about the Blue King and Seri, but I really do fancy them as a couple (as I do Yashiro and bishie swordsman). The silence, blushing, and that purple alien dessert speak volumes about their relationship.

At this point, I’m still eager to know more about Yashiro before he got kicked off the blimp and what the heck the Silver King is doing. I also want more Red King action. Looks like we’re finally getting that in the next episode, plus some new characters. OooOOooo.

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K Episode 7


Oh, so there’s more to Neko than moe/fanservice! *impressed* It turns out that she can manipulate memories, which explains Yashiro’s amnesia and his classmates suddenly forgetting about him. Upon his request, she restores his memories (which isn’t much). The little bit more we know is that Yashiro got kicked off the Silver King’s blimp, fell through the school storage building (ouch), and was conveniently discovered by Neko. Perhaps the most important thing is that he didn’t have any memory of committing the murder. What’s going on here? What is Yashiro’s purpose? I’d love to hear a theory if you have one!

The rest of the episode is yummy eye-candy and flawless animation as usual, especially the fight between the bishie swordsman and the Blue King. It’s also the most tense and dramatic scene so far, driven by Kuroh’s desire to protect Yashiro. Awww. ❤ Nice slap, though…

I sure hope that the remaining episodes will focus more on the plot like this one. Silly impossible things aside, it’s very interesting, and there’s not much time left…

K Episode 5 & 6



K-Project continues to be a very enjoyable series for me. Not much has to happen because the most fun lies within all the crazy character interactions. Particularly these two episodes have the best eye-candy fights (skateboard vs. sword!!), though the most interesting thing would have to be the flashback of the Red Clan. We finally see the guy who was murdered, a carefree spirit who brought joy to those around him. He was close to Mikoto and was determined to become his vassal. His death was so tragic that even Misaki cried (manly tears ftw). Why? Why did such a cute bishie who had a beautiful singing voice have to die? T__T

*ahem* For some reason, Yashiro seems to be disappearing from this world. His classmates don’t remember him, he’s not in any photos, and his mother’s house is actually a football field. Unsure of his identity, he allows the bishie swordsman to slay him right then and there. Well, of course he doesn’t do that, but I have a bad feeling about what’s to come next. Even more tragic would be Shirou fully awakening as the colorless king and killing the bishie swordsman. All the yaoi fangirls everywhere would immediately explode from heartache… And I’m obviously running out of interesting things to say… D:

Still waiting for the Silver King to do something…

K Episode Episode 4

Knock-On Effect

Another fun-filled adventure with Yashiro and the bishie swordsman! Honestly, the main reason why I enjoy watching these two so much is because they act like a quirky married couple. Yashiro even refers to him as his “wife” for cooking lunch. How can that not make a yaoi fangirl squeal? Gawd, I feel so immature… ^_^

Anyways! Now they go to school together, somehow able to convince the teacher that the vassal of the seventh king is a transfer student. Among all the usual hijinks, Yashiro still tries to prove his innocence by gathering evidence that he was somewhere else near the time of the crime. Luckily, his friend pulls through and says that they were together. Buuut when he returns home and finds a bloody t-shirt in his closet, he is convinced otherwise. I guess the most plausible theory now is that he was either possessed or has a split personality, followed by amnesia…

There’s not as much focus on the clans this time, but they finally locate Yashiro’s school. I’m looking forward to that encounter!

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K Episode 3


With the previous two episodes being nothing short of flashy, crazy entertainment, it’s nice to take a step back and get a little story.

Unbeknownst to seemingly ordinary people like Yashiro, the world is controlled by seven kings who grant special powers to their clansmen. It is thanks to the Golden King that Japan has become such a prosperous, technologically advanced nation. However, with great power comes great danger, which is the meaning behind the Sword of Damocles. The Blue King warns that if the Red King uses too much power, then this sword would literally fall from the sky and impact Japan—or rather, that he’d kill him to prevent such a thing from happening again. Now he has him locked up and forces the prime minster to deprive citizens of their human rights just so he can pretty much do whatever he wants with him. Yeah, even the prime minster is a mere chess piece…

I didn’t expect much of a story going into this, but now it has my interest piqued! I also love how the show randomly zooms around a dozen characters to see what they’re up to. This style of introducing the characters reminds me a lot of Durarara and Baccano and is what made them so fun to watch in the first place. What is the Silver King up to? Why did that guy (who’s obviously voiced by Miyano) leave the Red Clan? Every character is interesting enough to want to know their full story. Well, maybe all except for the naked cat woman. Does she even have one?

As for that bit about Yashiro, the bishie swordsman still suspects him of being the next (evil) king, but has agreed not to do anything until after he judges his character for himself. They seem more as an unlikely pair of friends to me (Bugs and Elmer Fudd finally getting along), so they should continue to be amusing. :3

K Episode 2


Our white-haired prankster friend, wanted for a crime that he may have committed, continues to be pursued by the bishie swordsman. Much of this episode reminded me of Elmer Fudd chasing after Bugs Bunny. The poor bishie swordsman gets tricked into believing that the guy’s pretend sister has a terrible illness, only to be thrown into visual hallucinations and running into a brick wall. They chase each other for hours until they finally exhaust themselves the next morning. And what do they do at the end? Give up and have a scrumptious breakfast together!

Yeah, this is only getting sillier, but the comedy works for me because the bishie swordsman takes everything waaay too seriously. Despite he looks tough, he can be rather sentimental and gullible (aww~!). I even experienced the rare occasion of laughing when he wiped the markings off his face but still had some left over on his eyelids. With the addition of beautiful visuals and piano music, this is a show that I can really relax to and enjoy. By the way—I love that guy’s bedroom with the flower pattern moving across the walls. I wish I had something like that…

The only thing I don’t care for is the naked woman. Why can’t she just remain a cute little kitten? *sigh* There’s also no plot development here. What ever happened to the red-headed guy who got captured at the end of episode one? Where exactly are they going with this, anyway? Guess we’ll find out next week~

Autumn 2012: Round Two!

Fighto! >o<

In all seriousness, now that we’ve seen almost everything, here’s the finalised version of who’s covering what, with, rather spectacularly, almost every good show being covered this season.

Alex, after removing all his jokes,  is covering Sword Art Online, Magi, Little Busters

Mimi,currently overjoyed with her new headphones, is covering Shin Sekai Yori, K and Sukitte Ii na yo.

Dusk, won her quest for justice, is covering PYSCHO-PASS, Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun and Jormungand 2

Doofus, recently exposed as a tsundere, is covering Hunter x Hunter, Gintama 2012 and Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure (Triple helping of Doofus, everyone!)

Liam, after baking everyone a nice cake, is covering Zetsuen no Tempest

Justin, living happily ever after in Canadaland, is covering Space Brothers and Code:Breaker