Yumekui Merry Episode 6

Astray in a Dream

Alex: The animation here really…rocked, lol. That scene where Merry went berserk and showed her true nature as a Dream Demon? Amazing. Utterly amazing.

But yeah, this was your “calm before the storm” style of episode, where a lot of facts get revealed thanks to John Doe and his kittie servants. We also find out that people are suffering from “Dream Loss” when they get their dream dreams taken away. We see a few of the characters who Merry “saved” return, but completely shallow and hollow, not wanting to do anything but give up on life. So then, are Dream Demons the “badguys”, or is Merry the “badguy”? I love it when a short series can pose a question like this.


Yumekui Merry Episode 5

A Painful Daydream

Alex: Yeah this is late. I really havnt felt like watching anime or writing since I started playing some old games, and then I left this so long I forgot the episode. But I remember it was a great one, what with the plot twists and characters and the way it managed slice of life brilliantly.

Just look at the pictures instead of my puny writing >.< I shouldn’t leave these things so long.

Yumekui Merry Episode 4

Merry Nightmare

Alex: I think this episode cemented Yumekui Merry’s place in the top stuff this season. Its another episode based case, but man…the detail and the way they developed the characters was no laughing matter. The whole undertone, too. I mean, the songs could be indirectly linked to Merry’s situation.

What does erk me though, is how Merry’s forming slightly tsun-esque habits as the episodes move on; is it really that hard for her to accept help?

But yeah,a  slice of life episode devoted to the characters, and it really really worked.

Yumekui Merry Episode 3

From The Other Side of a Dream

Alex: I’d go as far as to say that Dreameater Merry is the most solid of everything that’s been premièred so far. Gosick is great, yes, but I can’t deny that Victorique does seem to have access to the script. Mahou Madoka is brilliant, but it goes overboard on the trippy action scenes sometimes. Level E is hillarious, but it’s not got a mixture of everything. I mean, this was a perfect example of how to tell an Episodic tale. The fact that even the seemingly meaningless fortune teller at the start of the episode was used to such extremes was well…brilliant scriptwriting.  Obviously, Yumeji DID find Merry a little too easily, and Merry is still a little too tsundere in this episode towards Yumeji, but everything else was spot on.

The story itself was another random Dream World demon and a little girl, but it was well, cute and thought-provoking. It showed how the dream demon isn’t all bad, and was actually just lonely. It did a very good job of fleshing out the setting used, here. But next episode seems to be the challenge…it’s set in High School from the preview.

Yumekui Merry Episode 2

Dreams And Hopes

Alex:Lets talk about that male lead.He’s probably the best one out of all the shows that have aired so far, and he’s also the most normal.  Sure, we have that “walk into the shower” scene, but it’s not actually that bad this time, and takes up less than 30 seconds. It’s almost like they didn’t want to do it. He’s actually a very likeable male lead, and instead of waiting around to angst and all that crap normal male leads do, he gets on with it and decided that he’s gonna make a difference.

It’s interesting the way whenever watching this, I can’t help but compare to to the other show about magic and girls, Puella Madoka Magica. They both have outstanding art, brilliant soundtracks, and amazing direction with some strong characters.

But yeah, this episode was build-up and setting the scene for the next episode(s), and told us some more about the characters. Your standard second episode, I guess.