Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Episode 6

A Wonderful Family Trip

Kie: Today Yuuta takes the girls back to their old house to get their stuff. That’s what the whole episode is about, but it’s so good. It’s turning out to be a genuinely good slice of life that doesn’t actually revolve around highschool students. Not only this, but it takes something people would think is about perverts, and makes it completely family friendly. Sure, Sora ‘loves’ Yuuta, but all young girls have crushes like that, and nothing will happen. The only thing I can say is bad is that perverted fat guy who I still don’t know the name of. To be honest it looks like he just fills up screen time with his pointless arousement over young girls. I’m still impressed by the realism in this, too. The night scene where they slept (close) together near the end was beautiful. It proves that an anime can be a sellout with it’s loli service and still provide brilliant story.

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinisai! Episode 5

What Happened to the Girl

Kie: As usual we get another daily life of three girls & their student uncle. It’s taken another good turn with a nice flashback showing Sora was once actually nice to Yuta. But it looks like that may come back after Yuta & Sora remember it together. I don’t think those two will ever actually have more of a relationship than they do already, other than becoming a closer family. It’d kinda ruin the whole thing if that happened.

We also get introduced to a new character whose name slips my mind, but she’s pretty cool anyhow. I’m still disappointed with the little screen time Raika & the club is getting, but I guess it’s for the best. They can’t really do much more with them. Sako finds out about the girls too, which is um. Bad, probably. At least we know Raika will be there to stop anything stupid from happening. This is turning out to be a nice SFW anime.

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinisai! Episode 4

Wonderful Life

Kie: I don’t get it. I watched this and really enjoyed it, but once it’s finished I’m like, what just happened? It’s so relative to life that I feel as if I’m a bystander watching this all go on, and treat it like something that happens daily. What happens at the house is so typical, something you’d expect, yet it’s great to watch. It actually keeps me so interested I don’t get bored, which is unusual for something like this. And more to the point, Raika and the rest of the club is back. They weren’t around for long, but at least they were shown. Only thing this is missing now is an actual plotline. Cute + plot = masterpiece.

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Episode 3

I Won’t Cry

Kie: I’m unsure whether this is going to become really sad or not. Yuuta takes the girls back to his place without permission, but seems to be let off lightly and is allowed to look after them. This is the center of it, with them trying to adapt to living in a small apartment. Of course the usual problems come up such as changing and sleeping. As much as this looks like it won’t be going anywhere other than a decent slice of life, there is some serious plot hidden in this.

With Hina being young she doesn’t understand the situation they are in, and is still expecting her parents to come back. It’s really sad to see this, especially when you know it’s going to be hard for them to explain it to her. There’s also university for Yuuta to worry about. He can’t make enough money to keep 4 people alive while studying. I’m going to guess his university friends will help him though. I don’t see any other point to them now other than that. Creating a separate plot would be pointless. I’m glad Sora is less of a tsundere, but why does Miu wink so much? It can get annoying after a while.

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Episode 2

Come to My House

Kie: If this gets any more cute I’ll turn hormonal. Well you know, it’s a basic plot with the several loli and older guy who doesn’t understand that one of them likes him. Until it really gets serious. A sad scene I was surprised to see in this; the girls’ parents both die in a plane crash and Yuta steps in to allow them to live with him so they aren’t separated. This is a big decision, but he knows what has to be done because of his past. Sora will probably get a bit annoying, this show could’ve done without a tsundere. Everyone else is great; but where’s Raika? I hope they don’t cut out the side characters too much.