Hyouge Mono Episode 4

Kind of Black

Mimi: I know that I’m really behind on this series, but I like to wait for Huzzah Fansubs; seeing as they take their time, so do I. I’m not sure when they will release the next episode, but I’m patient and appreciative of their excellent work. At any rate, this episode was a little harder for me to get into compared to the first three because of the subject matter. The first half is about fashion clothes, and the second half shows Sasuke talking about tea jars with another aesthete. Sure, the scenes were a little humorous, but they didn’t quite grab my full attention. I’d say that the most interesting part of this episode is the intense conversation between Senno and Hashiba, who seem to be planning a coup. Can’t wait to see where this will go.

*months later*

Unfortunately, this series hasn’t been getting subbed in a long while. By the time it does, there will probably be batches of episodes released at once. So I’m not going to blog it anymore. *tear* T_T I will review it whenever it’s completed though.