Review: Kimi to Boku

You and Me

Liam: Kimi To Boku is a brilliant anime. I haven’t watched many slice-of-life animes, but I’d say this has to be the best out of them all. It’ll make you laugh, smile, and get all excited for the next episode to come. Each episode has it’s own unique plot (well, some really don’t. They’re still unique though!) And all of the characters have a lovable personality.

Shun, Yuta, Yuki, Chizuru, and Kaname are just your average teenagers going through high school. They encounter love, friendship, fun, and all kinds of things. It’s nothing adventurous and the like, but it really gets you and you feel for the characters. It’s got a lot of comedy in each episode and I’m sure you’ll crack up with laughter.

I’ve always looked forward for every monday (some people don’t ever look forward to the dreadful monday) to watch this. It just grabs you and brings you in. You can relate a lot to it too, if you have crazy friends, or well…not crazy. Just if you have a lot of good memorys with friends, I’m sure you can relate a lot.

Kimi To Boku may not appeal to everyone, but I’d recommend anyone and everyone to give this anime a chance. It’s really great, and just a nice, relaxing anime to watch.

Liam’s Score: 9 Meeps out of Ten (Great)

Alex’s Score: 9 Meeps out of Ten (Great)

Kimi to Boku Episode 13

The Sunshine Song

Alex: Woot, Kimi to Boku closes off with it’s best episode yet (imo). The group returns to the nursery where they met each other and became friends at, with Chiziru added to the group.

And all the characters (apart from Chiziru) all have their own little storylines. The best has to be how some 4 year old falls in “love” with Yuta and plays a very…realistic game of house with.

Kimi to Boku Episode 12

Middle School Diary

Alex: Have you got a younger sister or a younger brother? Or even an older sister or brother? Isn’t it remarkable just how…different they are to you.Chiziru learns this the hard way, as Shun’s little brother gets into the picture. I gotta admit, I was expecting some little moeblob of a guy and you’d all be like “awwww so cuuuteee~”, not a teenager who’s at the age where he’s curious about women and porn. With Shun’s failings as a brother (by not having any porn), Chiziru ropes the others into “helping” him with his relationship. He did fail rather spectacularly actually. He almost deserves an award for it, but that’s for a different time and a different discussion.

Shun’s probably one of the better characters in Kimi to Boku in my opinion, so to get an episode focused around him and his sibling “problems” was as welcome as a cold blanket on a winters day, as they managed to mix in some teenage humour along with some rather moving scenes to really make him stand out even more against the crowd. It’s rather annoying that after next week we’ll have to wait until Spring to get more Kimi to Boku, as it seems like it’s finally finding its feet, but i’d rather have some later than not at all.

Kimi to Boku Episode 11

Crescent Moon Silhouette

Liam: The group goes up to their normal lunch area to discover that it has been closed off. So, basically they’re forced to go to the lunch room to eat. What I don’t understand, is that the sign said “Closed. Wet Paint” What, you paint the concrete floor? xD Once they got to the lunch room they found out that the food was pretty cheap, and was good. Man, that lunch looks way more delicious than what we get.

Yuki wants to get this plate, but he has to buy bread in order to get it. The bread comes with a sticker and once you have enough points you can trade it in for a plate. Kind of reminds me of my step dad buying Doritos and soda for codes and what not to get extra points on a game he plays. Kinda funny d: Nonetheless, this episode was interesting with stickers, and lunch inside, and wet paint on concrete. Sadly we’re getting closer and closer to the end of this wonderful anime D: Enjoy it while you can x3

Kimi to Boku Episode 10

On your mark

Liam: This was a really sweet episode of Kimi To Boku. MaryxChizuru the next pairing.

This episode was more centered around Chizuru and Mary. When the episode showed Chizuru dressed as a demon I actually had no idea it was him untill Yuki showed up xD Silly me. As they tried scaring people, they really faled miserably at it and just stop being ghosts because their shift is about to end. Yuki goes with Yuta, Shun, Chizuru and Mary. Since Mary was getting scared. She also took Chizuru’s hand thinking it was Shuns. It gets funny when she gets all angry and storms off xD I think Chizuru is just like me. He’s very spontaneous. If there’s something bothering my friends and they don’t talk to eachother, or just if it’s quiet I’ll be the first person to make an outburst of an incredibly rediculous saying. Just like Chizuru did after having some serious thinking. Dohoho.

Kimi to Boku Episode 9

Naked King

Liam: First of all, I’m sorry for being a little off the past bit. I’ve had some stuff going on and I just really couldn’t be bothered with blogging or anything really. I sincerely apologize, please don’t hate Mimi or Alex, be mad at me. xP I’m going to work on being on time starting this monday. Hopefully nothing does pop up, but yeah.

Anyway, another magnificent episode of Kimi To Boku. This one had me cracking up so much I had tears coming out of my eyes.

This time around, the group had to do the festival things all anime based on schools usually do. They also always have a Gender-bending cafe. Always. The episode is basically about prepping for the entire festival, and the guys, well…being regular silly guys. The immaturity of Kimi To Boku is what makes it the best. It gets you to crack up in laughter, and the writers are really amazing at what they do. Poor Kaname though, he got stuck doing a lot of stuff for all the lazy people. Can’t wait for the next episode. I wonder how crazy this festival will be.

Kimi to Boku Episode 8

Daily Wage Hero

Liam: Ohoho, Yuki has to write a manga for a first year named Matsushita. Every time this kid comes up to Yuki I think “Oh, we’re getting some guy love in here.” d:
But, anyway. It’s funny how they all take turns making a page for the manga. Me and my friends would try to draw the same thing, and it would turn out pretty much terrible. xP I have some art skill, but I’m not very good at it. Kanames drawing had to be the best. With those dramatic cats, and then Bam! Best drawing and story in the history of ever. Theeeen, Yuki goes to make copies, but instead goes to shred it in the shredder. He’s so smart. Matsushita looks at Yuki like some super hero, but at the end it turns out funny “There’s an Anime at 5 I don’t want to miss” Right when he’s about to get pumled into the ground. I just started cracking up when I saw they took out those power ranger suits. The next scene the first year does is just fantastic. I never thought I’d see a Shun x Yuki. xD
This episode was just fantastically hilarious. I don’t want this anime to end at all.

Kimi to Boku Episode 7

Next to an Apple

Liam: I never knew Yuki was such a player! Getting a girlfriend when it’s only episode…what? 7? That also means another episode until the series ends though D:
ANYWAY. The guys go looking for Yuki, and Yuta finds him talking to some girl, who they suspect is going to ask Yuki out. Nonetheless, they go and stalk them around town as much as they can. They also tried pulling it out of him during lunch but that didn’t work. They kinda got spotted while they were eating and someone put a french frie in Kanames straw.
They also give the girls side, which I forgot her name. So, for now I’ll just refer to her as “The girl”.  Yuki and The girl don’t get really, close, but Yuki gives her a CD he likes. She’s so shy around him too (ohboyjustlikesomeoneIknowahem) It’d be even better if he just kept poking fun at her, then this would of been a great episode. Her friends though, really seemed to pressure her into asking him out, and talked crap behind her back. If that was me, I would not still sit there and be their friends. It was a very sweet and touching episode. Gawsh darn, don’t ya love drama? Slice of life animes are really great. althoughi’dratheritbelikeno.6coughcough.

Kimi to Boku Episode 6

Glasses and Et Cetra

Liam: Yay, Kimi to Boku gets a second season in the Spring

Basically, Shun was with Yuta, Yuki, Kaname, and Tachibana while the twins cut Shuns hair. It’s funny, because Shun’s just like me xP “Don’t cut it too short!” Ahaha…I’d never let my friends cut my own hair. It’s too fabulous. So, after that they went to Kaname’s house to work on summer homework, and basically it turns into a discussion about Kaname’s glasses and when he got them. Before that, I must say Kaname’s mom is my favourite character ❤ I don’t know whether or not to take her seriously d: Kaname flashes back to middle school and he just got glasses. He hears some older kids calling someone with glasses 4-eyes. I wont spoil too much because those parts are really good, the entire “Let’s see your glasses” scene and thumb wrestling. You’ll have to watch it yourself. If not, I’ll stab you while reading manga.

Kimi to Boku Episode 5

One Summer

Liam: Like always, Kimi To Boku had a very enjoyable episode. Again, I also saw some implications here and there. d: Chuzuru wanted to hang out with his friends except all of them but Shun wanted to stay inside. I know this feeling, I’m usually that friend that stays inside. xD Most times when I do actually want to go with a friend they want to stay inside too. Shun invites everyone to the festival including the girl that has a crush on him. The entire time was just fun and games and Chuzuru trying to help the girl that hates him. I seriously can’t believe how stupid I am to have never of gotten different foods and share it with my friends. Usually we’d get something somewhat the same and eat it on our own. Though, great enjoyable and laughable episode like always. The ending was silly and great at the same time. I should do that New Years with some sparklers~

As for Bakuman I’ll try getting that up as soon as I can. Been kinda lazy, and a little busy with school. I’ll try getting it up asap though.