Tamako Market Episode 12

Another Year Ends

Tamako Market episode 12

I wasn’t expecting this. No one was. No one was ready for it. Not even Tamako herself I don’t think. Nobody. But a sigh of relief and a hip hip hooray! The ending of Tamako Market is here, so let’s end it with a bang~! And you sure won’t be disappointed… More cute antics and laughs are coming your way.

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Tamako Market Episode 11

Who Knew She’d Be a Princess?

Tamako Market episode 11

…I sure as heck didn’t! But so it seems that Tamako is destined to become Princess Mochiyucky, leaving her the talk around town. But drama unfolds as everyone becomes tense about the situation. And does Tamako really want to become a princess and marry someone she hasn’t even met before? What about Mochizou, Tamako’s dad, even her friends?! We’ll have to stay tuned to find out…

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Tamako Market Episode 10

A Flower Blooms On Her Baton

Tamako Market episode 10

Just as I was waiting for it, the highly anticipated Bunny Mountain cultural festival has arrived! But no cultural festival can go by with ease, and we soon see that Midori’s having a hard time trying to organise the baton club’s performance. Will things go according to plan, or will it be a failure?

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Tamako Market Episode 9

Singing a Love Song

Tamako Market episode 9

They all love a bit of romance in the shopping district, don’t they? And it seems, maybe that underneath Tamako’s father’s “tsuntsun” outer shell, he’s a little bit “deredere” inside. Lots of squeeing, fangirling and possible sobbing in this episode, as we rapidly approach the grand finale of Tamako Market!

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