Sukitte Ii na yo Episode 8

New to Love

What a gloomy doomy episode… This one mainly focuses on communication issues, as Yamato is too dense to realize how his actions affect Mei, and Mei still has trouble asking him about Megumi. Although I like the takeaway message about new love and pain, I think it was unnecessary to dedicate an entire episode to miscommunication. It’s frustrating. You might as well skip to the end when they finally talk to each other.

Aiko has become a cool character. Ironically, if it weren’t for her, then Yamato and Mei might have broken up over silly things. Glad she’s on their side, now! And it seems that I was too quick to count Megumi out. She could still try to drive a wedge between them. As for our next potential challenger, the kind stranger with a mohawk… Let’s just say that he looks the most harmless out of the bunch. He meets Mei at the store where she works and goes idiot crazy over her phone item, but there’s no spark… I’m curious to see what’ll happen when he finds Yamato.

Aside from those few interesting moments, there’s nothing really enjoyable here for me. Just your typical communication problem that’s in every romance. Hoping for a better episode next week~

Sukitte Ii na yo Episode 5 & 6

Just Like This


I absolutely adored episode five where Mei goes to Yamato’s house and befriends his sister. It’s just heart-warming to see Mei reach out to someone struggling through the same loneliness. And I’m totally jealous of the girl’s room. She has more plushies than me! *pout*

As for the latest episode, it finally gets to the drama I’ve been waiting for. I…probably should have seen this coming from a mile away since the characters have been praising Yamato for his “good looks” and urging him to become a model. Mei’s real adversary is *surprise* a model superstar! Now I admit, the drama is really forced here. She immediately becomes infatuated by Yamato and steals time away from Mei in the worst way possible—a “pretend date” photo shoot. It doesn’t help that his friends squeal about how great they look as a couple right in front of her. What a smack in the face…

But unlike Aiko, whom I thought was going to be the main challenger, the superstar has a likable personality. Bubbly, cute, sweet, outgoing. She’s still intrusive, but more-so because of her culture rather than wickedness. I can see Yamato being tempted by her, or at least, get taken advantage of because he’s too nice. Even though the scenario is a little extreme/forced, she presents the greatest conflict so far, which translates to excitement for me. Please don’t get me wrong, though. I’m on Mei’s side! It better happen that she overcomes the obstacles and stands up for her relationship before the series is over. ^_^

By the way, this is the first time that I found Yamato to be slightly attractive. He should keep those glasses on.

Sukitte Ii na yo Episode 4

They Have Scars

You guys were right; Aiko isn’t really Mei’s adversary, just a very troubled girl. In fact, she hardly sparks any drama at all in this episode. Most of it focuses on yet another “friend” of Yamato’s, who doesn’t take kindly to the new couple. Although popular, Hayakawa is still jealous of Yamato’s popularity and sleeps around with different girls to maintain it. He insists on meeting Mei, so the three of them go out to eat. As soon as Mei is left alone with Hayakawa, he tries to recruit her as a friend with benefits. Good for her for deleting his number and leaving the restaurant, though she could have at least texted Yamato. Then again, I’m glad to see a new side to Yamato, in which he becomes very upset/protective and punches the jerk. Woo! When Hayakawa goes crawling back to Aiko to tell her what happened, even she’s surprised.

From there, I thought that Hayakawa and Aiko would team up to harm their relationship. But it turns out they aren’t particularly friendly, as he picks on her weaknesses regarding her weight loss and the scars left on her body. Mei conveniently overhears everything and calls him disgusting to his face. Once again, I love how strong she is becoming. She also stands up to Aiko this time, admitting that she admires her and wants to change herself, yet she won’t lose to her. Aiko’s reaction? She simply admits defeat and calls her and Yamato a couple of idiots. Yeah, totally not what I was expecting. Instead, I mainly got a warm and happy feeling from this episode, like when Yamato gets them matching bracelets and they kiss each other’s hands. Yamato may be a little boring by himself, but together with Mei, I find them quite enjoyable and sweet to watch.

Oh, and finally….a random classmate admits that Mei is cute! o__o

Sukitte Ii na yo Episode 3

When You Trust People…

Apparently, Yamato is so handsome that he can’t even walk down the street without girls going gaga over him and getting approached by an agent. Just what is so appealing about this scrawny kid who got his hair cut in the dark? But I digress… xD

For their first date, Yamato and Mei tag along with one of his friends and girlfriend (Aiko) to the bowling alley. Right away, you can tell that Aiko just doesn’t like Mei. She even confronts her during the game to leave Yamato since there are far better girls out there for him. Plus, they once had sex (surprised?). Mei becomes easily disheartened and dashes out into the rain, causing her prince to chase after her.

Once they catch up, Yamato takes her to his middle school, showing the spot where he punched his fist through the wall. What I really liked about this scene was their heart-to-heart, honest discussion of how they view themselves and each other. Yamato reveals that he was the kind of guy who would blend into any crowd just so he wouldn’t get targeted by bullies. Even when his best friend was bullied, he couldn’t stand up for him. While it’s nice to know that the oh-so-popular and gorgeous Yamato isn’t perfect, I hope that’s not the most exciting story he has…

Jumping back to Aiko, it looks like she’s going to be an interesting adversary for Mei. What I mean by “interesting” is all the ugly drama that might follow her motives (remember, I love soaps). She’s the type of girl who tries to please her boyfriends with good looks and sleeps around for comfort. Yamato once provided her that comfort and was the first to recognize her “beauty” without any makeup, so she’s not about to lose him to a hesitant, “unattractive” girl like Mei. The drama fangirl in me is looking forward to her plans and how the targeted couple will deal with it. At the same time, I’m expecting some good character development for all of them. Let the drama begin?

Sukitte Ii na yo Episode 2

The Taste of Fried Food

Wow. For an episode that keeps bringing up “big tits,” I’m surprised that it didn’t annoy me. Instead of fanservice, we actually get a serious handling of high school bullying and its effect on the characters. I am liking this more and more…

So what has become of Mei after receiving her first kiss from the oh-so-popular Yamato? Well, you could say that she’s completely and totally infatuated with him. She dreams about him in her sleep, can’t stop staring at his lips, gets all sensitive when he hangs around his “first love” Asami, and stalks him around the karaoke club. It really doesn’t take long for them to get caught up in the throes of young love, multiple kisses and all. Tastes like fried chicken. Dawww~

Only one problem for me; Yamato is still boring. If the rumors are true, then he is a playboy who kisses almost every girl, which makes his feelings toward her rather questionable. Otherwise, he’s just a nice guy who’s getting a little tired of the popular girls. His friend who likes the girl with big boobs and suffers from nosebleeds when thinking about them is also easily forgettable. At least with Yamato, I hope there is another side to him that’ll make his character interesting.

Mei has the most interesting development so far—going from antisocial to trusting others, making friends, and falling in “love.” I like that she can speak her mind to Yamato when something is troubling her. As she continues to build her confidence, I can imagine her standing up to the bullies somewhere down the road. For now, I wonder how things are going to change for her at school now that she’s practically together with Yamato. A jealous Asami, perhaps?

Love the OP! So peaceful~ ^_^