Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 6

A Rival for Sempai

Kie: This is turning out to be so typical. This is more of a romance episode between all of them rather than a filming episode. One of Kaito’s old girlfriends from when he was younger appears, and is still in love with him, causing Ichika & Kanna to get jealous. She seems to be more interesting than both Ichika & Kanna so far though, so it can’t be that bad. But we all know she’ll be out of the picture soon. As well as this, another girl falls for Tetsurou, only to be split up by an embarrassed Mio. Then for the next 3 minutes we’re flashed between each awkward scene, including Kaito upsetting Kaori by telling her he loves someone else. It’s stupid how he looked like he didn’t expect her to be upset.

This all takes place on a beach resort, which they go to for a trip. Stuff does happen for the rest of the episode, but it’s pretty much Lemon scheming with her over the top camera and relationship knowledge. As for the Ichika & Kanna thing, I’d prefer it if Kaito fell for Kanna. Ichika is just, boring. I doubt it’ll happen though. Not just because he already loves Ichika, but because it’s very rare that the male lead falls for anyone other than the female lead. Oh, and the film. I’ve noticed Lemon films them doing pretty much whatever most of the time. She claims it’s for Ichika getting used to normal life, but I think it’s more than that. Whenever they do some serious filming, it’s bad. I doubt any of that will be used in the final film, and if we’re lucky we might see a nice romcom by Lemon.

Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 5

Sempai is the Heroine

Kie: This is where it gets really good. Tetsurou really creates potential at the end telling Kaito that Kanna loves him, & Ichika hears it. I think it’s safe to say the next episode will be full of awkwardness and people avoiding each other, or even some arguments. We also got treated to half an episode of filming after getting none at all last time. It’s clear that Lemon knows about Ichika, unless it’s a stupid coincidence. It concentrates on Kanna becoming jealous over Ichika throughout the whole thing, which is weird, considering she was trying to help them last episode. I don’t understand how she can suddenly change from being dense to acknowledging how close Ichika & Kaito are.

Other than this; Mio likes Tetsurou, Ichika is closer to telling them she’s an alien, and Lemon knows exactly what she’s doing. Looking forward to next episode, but I hope it isn’t like I think it will be. I really hate love triangle episodes. Especially the ones when all three people involved know everybody’s feelings.

Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 4

You Were Amazing

Kie: This was a pretty decent episode. I personally didn’t see any advancement story wise, and the whole Ichika and Kaito relationship seems to be boring already, but I still enjoyed it. I prefer Kanna now too, instead of being jealous she’s actually helping Kaito. Even if she is completely clueless. But that makes it more interesting. I’m not really sure what happened to the film though. This is apparently only going to be 12 episodes long, so why is it not paying attention to what was going to be the main plot? A love triangle can get pretty boring, especially when nothing actually happens. Still, a good ep. The scene with Tetsurou’s sister was funny; the way Ichika acted was great.

Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 3

Sempai Said It

Kie: Kaito & Ichika are so, whats the word.. paranoid? There’s nothing wrong with this, the fantasies they had about how each other might have reacted or what they were going to do was funny. It’s common for people to worry about stuff people have said but they don’t realise they’ve got it wrong, it was a nice addition here. This episode was focused on the whole Kaito & Ichika scene at the end of the previous episode, but made sure to not over do it with some interesting high school life.

Kaito stays off school, and after Tetsurou tells Kanna that Ichika might be looking after him fully, she runs off to his house. This is where it gets interesting, with Mio making it obvious Tetsurou likes Kanna. So that’s what he meant when he called himself an idiot. He denies it then, and later on in the episode, assuring Mio that they’re only friends. It’s probably going to end with them two together though, unless it hopefully doesn’t follow obvious routes. So Kaito & Kanna end up going on what you could call a date, with the rest of the cast following them. This is of course lead by Lemon, who is an amazing character & I absolutely love her in case you didn’t know. She decides to try and record some natural moments for the film, pulling out a huge lense to get good quality on the pair from far away. Typically, Kanna’s confession is interupted by Lemon, who gets too close and is caught.

I really like how naturally this all plays out though, especially with the noticeable lack of time skipped between the events. Kaito & Ichika finally resolve their confusions, but it only leads to her possibly finding out what he was going to tell her anyway. Like I said last week, this is my favourite for this season. It’s a shame it’s only 12 episodes, but being shorter could make it better. As long as it has an ending. I don’t want another Mayo Chiki. Also; more Lemon-sama please.

Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 2

Together with Sempai

Kie: I’m impressed. Although nothing particularly amazing happened, I still felt like this episode accomplished everything it was suppose to. After some back story, Kaito & Ichika manage to talk their way out of trouble with Nanami & Kanna, followed by a ‘movie talk’ rigged by Lemon. It reminds me of Toradora really; a rom-com I thought would be just another copy is actually interesting. I liked Lemon in the first episode, but now I like her even more. She’s 2 years older than the others, not that she looks it, and is clearly devious with the knowledge to cause trouble. Kanna’s jealousy will probably get out of hand pretty quickly, but that may be good, since it could end just as quickly. The scene with Rinon was hilarious, and a good break away from the awkward scene seen in so many romances.

The ending is what really got me though. Kanna shows how upset she is calling Kaito an idiot in her sleep, and Tetsurou says its him thats the idiot. Maybe he’s referring to it being his fault that Ichiko met Kaito, I don’t know. But when Kaito attempts to tell Ichiko something and gets stopped, wow. I doubt he was going to confess or anything like that, it could be about her being from another planet. Whatever it is, I’m excited for the next episode now. Best second episode of this season for me.