Dropped:Toaru Majutsu no Index II Episode 6


Summary:Misaka Mikoto takes over Index’s show

Alex: Thank god that horrible arc is over…I couldn’t think of any good things to say about it >.>

Academy City is meant to be perfect. I remember somebody from Railgun saying how they always got the weather perfect and never made any mistakes, right down to the split second. So how come it’s not working now? It’s all tied to the Tree Diagram…or something.

The episode might aswell have come from Railgun, it was chock-full of the characters. And that’s much, much better than Touma and his bishie friends in my view of everything.

It all seemed to be some form of a plot about Tree Diagram and those clones they had to reach a Level 6 Esper…otherwise known as LAST ORDER. And it’s somethng Misaka’s directly in the middle of, without even Kuroko knowing.

Index always had the better stories, so when Railgun meets Index, in a Raildex episode, it was damn near perfect.This episode confirmed my feeling from the very start of this series- the science side of things is MUCH more interesting than the magic side of things-Dark, full of secrets and conspiracy plans where the main character doesn’t have a godmode power which can defeat everyone? Yes please. :3

Next episode should have Accelerator and LAST ORDER in it…along with some more kickass esper fights~:3

Dropped:Toaru Majutsu No Index II Episode 3

Amakusa Style

Alex:First person to tell me what the hell this was gets a cookie. Touma runs into evil bishie who’s trying to destroy the world by good luck, Touma fights evil bishie with his bare fists whilst evil Bishie has a sword, good bishie of fire joins in the fight and they defeat the evil bishie, then when the bad bishie is tied up he reveals a plot twist which makes no sense! Then warrior nuns appear to take evil bishie away, warrior nuns go crazy and try to kill Touma, Index fights warrior nuns and calls them sloppy.


Dropped:Toaru Majutsu No Index II Episode 2

Book of Law

Alex: Definitely an interesting episode…The “Liber Al Vel Legis” is a book about magic that can’t be deciphered by anyone in the world, including Index.And apparantly, a religious group have stolen the book for evildoings. Steryl has been ordered by the arch-bishop to find Index and stop these people…or something. It was very much a plot episode, and at that, it was actually kinda confusing. But to be simple,  Touma and Index get surrounded by priestesses from the church looking to recapture the magical book and they need Index’s help to find it….or something.

For people who havn’t read the light novels, this was well…very confusing. It is hinting at  a large scaled battle when they catch up with the people who stole the book though, so that should be interesting. For now…i’ll go and rewatch this and see if I can pick anything else up @_@

First Impressions:Toaru Majutsu no Index II

Toaru Majutsu no Index II

Summary:Our lead character is a walking library of magic.

Alex:I can instantly see that they’ve carried over everything they learnt from Railgun onto this anime.The characters are stronger than before, the animation has that flare which brings Academy City to life, and Touma hasn’t gotten any luckier.The main issue with the first series of Index, though, was the fact that it never went anywhere. The characters never got explored and that lot, it was just well…averageness. It was a solid first episode though, Index got kidnapped by some bad guy who had a good motive behind everything and wasn’t your horrible bad guy. It didn’t hesitate to show off the fact that Touma’s power is CLEARLY better than some mage’s who’ve spent years in training, though.That’ll be my main problem throughout this series…oh, and make Index do something useful apart from get kidnapped every episode.