Review: Ozuma


Ozuma is the very first anime I have completed by the legendary Leiji Matsumoto (Captain Herlock, Galaxy Express 999). My expectations might have started out a little too high, as I was disappointed by the average, predictable story and annoying lead character. I’d imagine that Ozuma doesn’t come close to touching the epicness of his older works, which I still plan on watching. However, it would definitely be appreciated by Leiji fans for his unique art style, as well as others just looking for something different.

As a huge fan of Last Exile S1, I particularly liked that this focused on ships, strategic battles, and a closely knit group of charming crew members. Some of the concepts are rather creative, such as the ships being able to dive into the sand as if it were an ocean, where the great whale Ozuma lies beneath. And some concepts aren’t so creative, like the genetically modified humans called Ideal Children that are trying to rule the world, and the mysterious woman that glows prettily is the key to saving it. For six episodes, it’s a solid story that accomplishes what it set out to do. Nothing deep or surprising, just decent entertainment.

My favorite characters would have to be Bainas and Gido, mainly because they look cool (winter scarf and Char mask) and have an interesting connection. The villains are typical evil doers, however, and I’ll probably forget all the others in the blink of an eye. They are just enjoyable for the moment and nothing more.

If there’s one thing I’m taking away from this, it’s the OST. Simply beautiful. :3

Mimi’s Score: 6.5 Meeps out of 10 (Fine)

Ozuma Episode 6 [Final]

The Day Of New Life

The power of nature does it again! Maya makes the choice through Ozuma to release all the lifeforms it has gathered to create a new ecosystem where everyone can live better. Yaaay~ Unfortunately, all Sam could do was yell “Maya!! Maya, don’t go!” but…hey, I enjoyed the ending for the most part, even though predictable. I particularly liked the scene where Gido comes back while Dick’s mind is in control (must have been a hard fall), only to sacrifice himself and leave poor Bainas heartbroken. Cool, I finally got her name down. xD This episode also has some pretty nice visuals, action, and music to boot. But now I’m glad it has ended so I don’t have to endure any more “Maya! Dicku! Maya! Dicku!” ^^!

Ozuma Episode 5

Duh, it’s Dick!

Eh… There’s nothing new or exciting here, really. Sam is up to his usual idiocy, which is making himself an easy hostage for Gido. Gido reveals that he’s an obsessed maniac for wanting to “control all life on this planet.” The female captain shoots his mask off and it’s *gasp* Dick!!  Then he falls off the ship… o_O Sam gets depressed. Maya reveals that she has lived for ages, along with some information we already knew about the clones. Yadda yadda.

For a story as basic and predictable as this, with a useless/boring main lead, I’m glad it’s only going to be six episodes now. I wouldn’t have wanted to see this get dragged out over twenty episodes…or even thirteen episodes. I thought that Gido (or Dick) and the female captain would at least have an interesting conversation, but…who knows where he is now. By far the most interesting part is when the big boss orders his army to find Gido who misbehaved so badly. Dun dun duuun. I hope that the finale will be filled with more strategic action. That’s what this show is best at.

Ozuma Episode 4

To the Ends of the Earth

As expected, the main focus of this episode is rescuing Maya, leading up to another cool sub battle. I may be slow to realize this, but the fact that Sam’s brother’s name is Dick suddenly made me think of the similarities between Ozuma and Moby Dick. Hush, don’t say anything… :3 Anywaaays, this episode shows Dick in a flashback, saying goodbye to the female captain before going off to find Ozuma. He believed that finding the Goddess of Theseus and Ozuma could save the world or something. It’s more obvious than ever now that Gido is this man. In the present, he wants to use Maya to obtain more information on Ozuma so he can beat his boss. More or less the same goals.

In the final moments, the good guys ram their ship into Gido’s, and they both end up sitting side by side above the surface. It looks like Gido and the female captain (why can’t I ever remember her name?) are going to have a very nice chat…with a lot of catching up to do. I’m looking forward to that, as long as there’s less focus on Sam.

Sam and his jealous girl still fail to bring any interest to this show. I give up on them. xD

Ozuma Episode 3

A Thousand Years of Doubt

Maya decides to leave the ship so she won’t put everyone “in danger” and gets captured by Gido, which was inevitable. The more interesting part of this episode is the little flashback of her past with Gido and the other guy. So Maya is part of a special group of people called “Ideal Children”–clones with enhanced DNA. If you had read the show’s synopsis, guess that wouldn’t come as a big surprise. =P She’s more special than that in some way, though, and has a connection to those sand whales called Ozuma. Plus, it appears that Gido is the clone of Sam’s older brother since they look so similar.

So far, this just sounds like your standard clone story, and it probably won’t develop much more than this with only three episodes left. Still, the characters are interesting enough to keep watching, particularly the clones and the captain. On with the Maya rescue mission?

By the way…what a waste of food! *sighs* What? I’m starving. -_-

Ozuma Episode 2

Diving Limits

Ooooh, I loved this. I really enjoyed the technicalities of the battle and the idea that the good guys were hiding in the sand. It gets pretty hot down there, enough to threaten Maya’s life, so Gido decides to retreat. At the end, the doctor tells the awesome female captain that Maya is no ordinary girl. Go figure.

Well, I find myself liking all the characters except for the bland male lead and jealous blond girl. But…when is that ever new? =P I’m far more interested in the new villain who only makes a brief appearance.

While I don’t have a problem with Matsumoto’s art style, the production values sure are low this time around… It’s only six episodes long for crying out loud. Or maybe that is his style? xD

First Impression: Ozuma


Love it or hate it, this is Leiji Matsumoto’s unique style. He’s best known for his classics such as Captain Harlock and Galaxy Express 999, both of which I really want to see. As for Ozuma, I’m loving the old-fashioned, toon-like character designs, scifi western setting, and music.

The beginning has some kind of epic feeling to it, like you’re watching the National Geographic channel about Earth. =P After the OP, it quickly dives into the action, where a mysterious woman is being chased by a Char impersonator, only to be saved by a boy and taken in by his crew. Despite some of the cliched moments, I enjoyed every bit of it. Ships diving into the sand like an ocean? Sand whales? Awesomeness. And I think the characters will grow on me pretty easily, especially that cool female captain. Even the toon-like characters have their charm.

The only downside is…well…this is only going to be six episodes! D:

Well at any rate, you can count me in on blogging it~