Magi Episode 16

The Sixteenth Night: Solomon’s Wisdom

Look, I don’t actually like this premise. Everything was resolved last week, and there was no need for Kassim to turn up and do all of this. In fact, I question if anyone in a sane mode of a mind would ever do this. If he wants to make the monarchy pay… then attack them! Don’t pick on innocents and bystanders.

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Magi Episode 15

The Fifteenth Night: Kassim’s Answer

Last week was the political side of things, the side where the pendulum of fate swung backwards and forwards and caused problems with the Rukh, and at the end of things, Kassim showed his face amongst the battle of black and gold Rukh. One question was in my mind here – what’s going on?

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Magi Episode 13

Prince of the Rebellion

The best people do amazing things when backed into a corner, and that’s what’s happened to Alibaba now. Complete with a new flashy OP that’s actually really fitting to the series, the episode appears to be progressing in some rather interesting ways…like showing how that Kou Empire princess is being forced into a political marriage in Balbadd, of all places…probably part of the way to force themselves in.

As Alibaba approaches the palace, the moment he gets into the plaza, his “brother” makes the banker set a little pet of the Kou Empire on him, a deformed Elephant monster, and to be quite blunt, he gets his ass kicked again and again until he finally manages to manifest Amon’s blade…and from here, it’s just a mtter of wiping up the monsters that the Kou Empire is supplying before Alibaba runs out of magoi, and it’s not until Mor appears to knock some sense into Alibaba and cover his back that he realises what his true purpose here is. It’s not to deal with a bunch of deformed monkeys, it’s to go sort out his kingdom. It was pretty entertaining to see Mor get “serious”, and it was also pretty fascinating to see Alibaba play dirty after he’d run out of magoi.

With all three of the elite guards taken care of, it’s time for things to turn to diplomacy…and the first move is for Alibaba to sway the army and go up against the king. With the help of the deputy king and the military commander, the episode draws itself to a close just before Alibaba and Abhmand get to have their friendly talk.

It’s pretty clear that this episode of Magi has a new budget or something similar to work with, as it doesn’t hesitate to delvier some of the best action scenes to date and continue to push all of their characters even further forward, backed up by some pretty interesting new OP’s and ED’s. Right now, this series is really good, but I have a big problem…and that’s that Aladdin hasn’t done anything for a long time now. Whilst I know that this show will be a long one (if it’s only 2-cour, it’ll clearly get a second season), I just don’t like having people doing nothing.

Magi Episode 12

The Twelfth Night: Determination and Separation

Last week showed the plans to turn Balbadd into a slave farm so that they could sell all of their citizens on for cash (wow, that feels like a long time ago), my interest now lies on just how this will handle it. Will it go down an action packed route as you struggle to free the city, or will it show diplomacy and politics in action as you argue everyone free?

At any rate, with Aladdin out cold and no indication that he’ll be waking up anytime soon, all that’s left is Alibaba to feel worthless underneath Sinbad’s charisma and ability to lead, and it’s degraded to the point where even Sinbad expects nothing from Alibaba. The situation degrades even further with the conclusion that Judal’s the driving force behind the rapid expansion of the Kou Empire. That’s nothing that we couldn’t have guessed by now, but having clearance that Judal is the “bad guy” is probably for the best, bringing everyone up to speed.

Magi doesn’t disappoint me when it comes to the matter of angst and worrying, and even though Alibaba does have a huge flaw in his character that he lacks confidence and is kinda sorta a little bit angsty over this, it’s handled in a really stylish manner and feels like it’s been polished to a shine…and that’s because it has, with the characters all working with each other to deliver everything. You’ve got the re-appearance of Kassim in this episode, and him and his plans of conquest to topple the king and free the country, and the shifty arms dealer that’s supporting him and his ambitions.

This episode was about Alibaba developing as a character without Aladdin pulling him along, but not only that, it’s about all hands moving to battle for the future of Balbadd…and it’s getting even more epic than before.

Magi Episode 11

The Eleventh Night: A New Visitor

To follow on from last week, we have the situation where Ugo went berserk during the fight against Judal, who Ugo promtly finishes off with a killing blow. With everyone emerging from shelter from Ugo’s attacks, even more people show up, and one of these is from the OP, leading you to believe she’s either a dungeon clearer of the Kou Empire or yet another Magi. After they’ve saved Judal from the brink of death, the Kuo Princess decides to have a one on one battle against the still rampaging Ugo, and slices through him in a single hit, returning him to the flute. Then, as if it was the winners permit, they attack the innocent citizens, with Alibaba, Mor and Sinbad’s guardians struggling to keep them at bay, as Aladdin goes against the Princess…and, well, if Sinbad hadn’t pulled rank, it would have turned pretty foul pretty quickly. Then again, she’s just tsundere for Sinbad…however, that doesn’t mean things are okay yet. Alibaba’s still got an uphil climb as he’s now got armfulls of injured citizens to deal with, and Aladdin’s flute is missing Ugo’s star. To add onto things, Mor has her own hatred to deal with, as she’s got to deal with her self loathing over the inability to do anything.

Alibaba in a self of self hatred, Mor cursing her inability to do anything and Aladdin having drained almost all of his life force, Sinbad appears to be the only person who’s coping, as he’s also the only person who can keep a calm head when the Deputy King turns up to support Alibaba with words of praise and a cryptic warning of how the Kou Empire and their paper money have been pulling the strings and slowly enforcing the strangehold on the country, as the king eventually started trading away the human rights for the paper money, creating a slave factory where only the nobles lived happily…basically, the world Alibaba’s seeing around him.

The start of the episode was pretty much what you’d have expected or could have guessed, but I don’t think anyone could have predicted that they’d change tact so quickly, instantly jumping into the next part of the arc and giving Alibaba’s revolt a new purpose.