Karneval Episode 7

“Sigh of the Mermaid” and the 3 Cabelleros

Karneval episode 7

It’s good to see that Circus is back to its usual hectic routine now, after the depressing episodes we had to endure at Gareki’s hometown. All you need is a parade, a damsel in distress and Gareki wearing the Nyanperona suit, and it’s already a recipe for disaster.

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Karneval Episode 6

Sunshine Wings

Karneval Episode 6

How they could even call this episode sunshine wings, I have no clue. It was rather, quite the opposite of a ray of sunshine. The whole episode was completely dark and dragged out again. It certainly does have that Karneval feeling to it, but I’m still not so sure that it’s turning out how I first expected it would. They’re really dragging out this whole subplot with Tsubame and Yotaka now and… Meh, well, it’s actually turned out to be a little boring in places.

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Karneval Episode 5

Clown’s Prescription

Karneval episode 5

Everything seems to be fitting into place, bit by bit like a puzzle piece… And actually, I think Karneval is turning out to be quite different than I imagined it to be. With Varuga found in Gareki’s home village, yet even more blood and tears are shed…

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Karneval Episode 2

Fortune Cat

Karneval episode 2

 I’m still confused as to what the heck is going on in Karneval, however it seems things are beginning to make a LITTLE more sense now as we head into the second episode. That being said, it’s still as crazy and as wacky as it was in the first episode. But… As the name implies, we weren’t going to end up getting something normal when we started watching this, were we?

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