Review: No.6


Mimi: Out of the three Noitamina sci-fi anime that aired this year, No.6 left the best impression on me. You might recall that I was annoyed to death by perverted Clain and his goofy friends from Fractale, and [C] was also disappointing in the end. Face it, Kimimaro was a bland lead character in the most convoluted plot ever. However, something changed with No.6. I genuinely enjoyed it all the way through and loved the characters enough to miss them. What exactly happened there?

Well, let’s start from the beginning. The main character is a young boy named Shion who lives in a futuristic, dystopian city called “No.6.” He ends up sheltering an injured boy named Nezumi who escaped from the correctional facility, and they quickly develop a bond. However, the authorities respond by kicking Shion out to a place called “Lost Town,” where he works as a park supervisor four years later. Pretty cool so far, right? While he’s on duty, he witnesses the shocking event of his co-worker rapidly growing old and dying from a parasite bee, and the authorities hold him in captivity. Shion and Nezumi’s paths cross once again as Nezumi saves him, and they escape to the ‘real world’, the land outside of No.6. With all that action stuffed into the first two episodes, yeah, you better believe that I was hooked.

Things really start to slow down after that, as it becomes more about Shion and Nezumi spending time together. One reason why Fractale turned me off was because the premise that had so much potential was wasted on developing its annoying characters. I didn’t feel the same way about No.6, though. For one thing, the story isn’t nearly as large or ambitious. It is, quite simply, about discovering the truth behind this so-called “ideal city” that’s right next door, and it accomplishes that. The characters are also a lot of fun to watch. They’re mature with still more room to grow, they have meaningful discussions, and their personalities really break the mold. It didn’t matter if an entire episode focused on them talking in a room; I was simply entertained by them hanging out together and dealing with personal drama.

What might turn some people off though are the boy-love undertones. You can just sense them from episode one. But I’d argue that their relationship is better than any forced, silly one you’ll often find in shounen-ai anime. Shion and Nezumi are a refreshing couple. ^_~ Likewise, it’s pretty fun to see Shion interact with the other characters in the new environment that he must get used to, forming an interesting little circle of friends. If you ask me, this is a character-driven series done right. Admittedly, you would think that there’d be a lot of action in the show, considering that it’s animated by Bones and it’s sci-fi. I can’t say that I will remember No.6 for the action, but when there is action, expect nothing less than what you usually get from Bones!

The finale shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, but the short episode length of the series does rush it once again. It’s just as messed up as the finale for Fractale and [C]. Unlike those, however, I was very entertained by No.6’s emotional finale. What made it so much more enjoyable were the characters and being able to care about them. Besides, who can be frustrated after what Shion and Nezumi do at the end? =^.^=

Liam might also share his opinion about the series, so stay tuned. :3

Mimi’s Score: 8 Meeps out of 10 (Very Good)

Alex’s Score: 8 Meeps out of 10 (Very Good)

Liam’s Score: 8 Meeps out of 10 (Very Good)

Dusk’s Score: 6.5 Meeps out of 10 (Fine)

Doofus’ Score: 6 Meeps out of 10 (Fine)

No.6 Episode 11 [Final]

Tell Me The Truth

Mimi: The soundtrack. WOAH! I heard at least 4 or 5 songs in there that I must have.

Well, this episode flushed my predictions down the drain except for three of them: Safu/Elyurias sacrifices herself, Shion yells “SAFU!!!” and the other characters look up at the sky in the end. Everything seems to get resolved at the drop of a hat, really. Just attach a timed explosive device on the main computer and taa-daa!

The whole thing with Nezumi and Shion beating each other up, to distrusting each other, to saving each other (surgery, at that), to dying, and coming back to life, and Safu turning into a giant bee, in 20 minutes was…rather silly (and obviously rushed). Like, wait, what just happened here? o_o

But despite all that, I still love the characters, the emotions running through them, and the kiss at the end, ya’know? I especially loved the godly music and watching everything go BOOM. That was the best animation in the series. It might not have been the most solid or sensible conclusion ever, but I could certainly count on being entertained.

No.6 Episode 10

What Lies in the Abyss

Mimi: Woah. I know I said that the last episode was intense, but that’s nothing compared to this episode. Nezumi getting shot? Nezumi bawling like a baby? Shion killing another human being? Jeezus! What an entertaining and dramatic finale. They finally find Safu at the end, who looks like her normal self except for the unusually calm expression. I really don’t know what’s going to happen with her. My guess is that she’ll kill people to protect Shion, Shion goes “Noooo Safu, snap out of it!” and Nezumi sings a song that touches Elyurias, which causes her to stop, and Yoming presses a button to destroy No.6, and Safu gives her life to protect it. Then everything settles down, everyone looks up at the sky, and think to themselves about rebuilding the world together. Or something. 8D

No.6 Episode 9

Stage for Disaster

Mimi: Intense! This episode had my full attention from the get-go, starting with Inukashi posing as a prostitute… I always wondered about Inukashi’s gender, but I think it’s safe to say that she’s a girl. xD It’s great to see some really good action from Bones again. No.6 attacks the outside world and captures Nezumi and Shion, though that seems to be the plan all along. Insert random beautiful singing here. What was up with the cliffhanger ending, though? Where are they getting dumped? What’s going to happen to Safu (again)? Noooo! Don’t do this to me. D:

It’s kinda hard to believe that there’s only two episodes left. I can’t exactly imagine the show getting wrapped up neatly with a bow on top, lol. The ending is bound to be rushed. But, you know, I’m really enjoying this show, and that’s all that really matters to me at the moment. The characters have grown on me a lot. It’s going to be sad to see them go…

No.6 Episode 8

The Reason…

Mimi: Yay, information time! Nezumi and Shion meet an old guy who helped to develop No.6 and was the first victim of the parasite bees. He explains the horrible secrets behind this utopia as well as Nezumi’s past. Most of it is probably what you guessed it would be, but I didn’t really expect this to turn into such a fantasy. Nezumi is from the “forest folk” who worshiped some kind of powerful being called Elyurias. No.6 wanted her power, so they destroyed their homeland, leaving Nezumi as the sole survivor. Now I think I have a clue over what is happening to Safu. She must be tied to Elyurias in some way. I’m a bit worried that we don’t see her face anymore… I wonder what she’s going to look like the next time we see her.

Nezumi’s singing is a real surprise. I didn’t think it was going to be that good, but it really is a beautiful scene. And I’m glad that Shion’s mom rejected that guy, whom I still have bad feelings about. Things are really going to go down in the next episode! *o*

No.6 Episode 7

True Lies — Empty Run

Mimi: Okay fine. I squealed like a fangirl. >.<!! Maybe all the love quarrels, unnecessary touching, and now THIS, are my guilty pleasures this season. I totally loved this episode. Shion and Nezumi get rid of the lies and secrets (except for Nezumi’s hatred towards No. 6) and just confess how much they mean to each other. Finally, a shounen-ai couple that’s portrayed to be more mature and believable. Their character development and natural dialogue rock this series the most. In the beginning, I cared more for the futuristic setting than the characters, but now it’s completely the other way around.

I found a lot of other things to be pretty interesting as well, one of which is Dogkeeper’s fear of death. He really doesn’t seem like the kind of person who would make a deal with Nezumi just so that he’d provide comfort whenever he’s in pain. I like that soft, honest side about him. Then there’s Shion’s mother getting involved. Since when did mothers of the main lead characters stop hiding in the background? And finally, Safu being a lab animal, and that stalker guy whom I just can’t trust. The more players thrown into the game, the more exciting it gets. Gawd, I just want the next episode right now.

No.6 Episode 6

Hidden Danger

Mimi: Woo things are finally starting to pick up some steam! Half of this episode is about Safu, as she returns to No. 6 because her grandmother passed away. The atmosphere feels strange to her, and she finds out that Shion is labeled as a felon, so she confronts his mother about it. This leads to her wanting to find him of course, but she is forcefully taken away by Security. Shion’s mother witnesses the entire incident, passing a worried note along to Nezumi.

Meanwhile, the two lovebir– *cough* Nezumi and Shion are fighting about No. 6 as usual, making unnecessary moves just so that they can touch each other. When their discussion is over and Shion leaves, Nezumi receives the note. Am I sensing jealousy in his tone when he thinks about Shion risking his life to save Safu? Why yes, yes I am. ^_^ So Nezumi, when are you going to share all your deepest and darkest secrets?

By the looks of it, the next episode is going to be pretty good. I mean wow, the preview just had to end when Shion looked like he was going to kiss Nezumi. Hey wait, that’s not much of a stretch! No. 6 has made me very curious as to how Shion and Nezumi are going to settle their differences, deal with the parasites, the authorities, and now to rescue Safu. It seems like there’s a lot to be done, and the anime is already halfway over. I’m hoping that it’ll be more plot-driven from here, putting the love quarrels aside. Owait, Shion is gonna get slapped… .__.