Azure Minds is back! Small progress update

alex  Hey all! It’s been ages since I said anything or updated anything, but I think the site is finally ready to make a comeback. With a small new design and a bit of an upheaval on all fronts, it’s never looked tidier than it does now.

However, until a time where I don’t honestly know, it’s just going to be me posting to the site, so progress is – and will be – slow, as I am at university full time. For the coming season, the only anime i’ll be posting about is Fate/Stay Unlimited Blade Works, and i’ll bulk things up with my gaming reviews here and there, as i’ve written up quite a few in my spare time again. I’ll put another update out when more regular progress will be happening, but until then, it’s just me here!

Meepinganime is evolving…and needs time to do so!

alexHey, everyone. It’s been a while since i’ve said anything around here, and really filled anyone in on what’s happening around the site. As i’m sure that you’ve all noticed, Meepinganime has a new name – we’re now Azure Minds. All of us writers have been really busy, though, and we’re still trying to figure out exactly who’s going to be continuing on with the blog. I (Alex) will be continuing on with it starting relatively soon, but it’s too soon to predict if any of the other members will be continuing, and exactly HOW they’ll be continuing – we’re not going to religiously stick to the episodic format for reviewing anime anymore.

All of our old content from the Meepinganime days will be remaining in place, yet exactly how this will be is still being considered; as we are aiming for a fresh start and a new experience. This blog has been going for a very long time at around four to five years, so obviously, some of the older posts are incredibly embarrassing to read for both myself and Mimi; and i’m sure that it’s the same for any of the other writers!

With that said, however, if you’d be interested in working alongside us on Azure Minds, do leave a comment or contact us at our email address, which is We’ve more than likely got some staff vacancies, and you’ll be well considered if you’re interested in writing!

I’m going to leave this post stuck to the front page until we’ve actually gotten ourselves together and started afresh properly, so stay tuned and keep checking back! Once a week or so should do…

Meepinganime’s Progress Update

Alex Hey everyone! It’s been a while, and it’s been really quiet around here, but thankfully the quiet should end, as starting from here on out, we’re trying more of a classical approach to blogging, with everyone having a timetable. It’s pretty open to change as this is our first time trying it out, but here’s what it looks like it’s going to be.

On Sundays, Dusk will post about Mekaku City Actors
On Mondays, Justin will post for Gokukoku no Brynhildr
Also on Mondays, Doofus will post Haikyuu!
Following on, Doofus will post for Baby Steps on Tuesdays.
We’ll have a gap in the week, where myself (Alex) will post for Isshuukan Friends on Thursday.
Kryn will be doing No Game No Life on Fridays.

Killzone, a new addition to our team, will talk about Captain Earth and Hitsugi no Chaika (The Coffin Princess), three episodes at  a time.

Mimi will be returning for Mushishi Zoku Shou, but it’s currently unknown exactly when she’ll be posting, so expect this to be updated soon! It’ll be stickied at the top of the page until the timetable actually gets rolling, so happy reading!


Progress Update and Some Thoughts (Updated 3rd November!)


3rd November – Figured it’s best to re-use this post than make a new one. A few things have changed a lot around the site, and that’s mostly that I think that we might see more activity here. Kryn’s taking over the role that’s been left be Dusk’s recent resignation (no length walls of text! n.n) and is the new co-leader of the site, and we’re all pleased to welcome back Kieran onto the team! Doofus  has left the anime aspect of things to go onto the manga side of the site, so come back in a week or two and you should see some length progress in that department.

For obvious reasons, the old post is found after the jump.

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Meepinganime Progress Update


Yo, Alex here! I figured it’s about time to give this place a progress update, explain what’s going on and explain what you can expect from us in the future (if anyone’s left around here…)

The biggest chance for us, and in no uncertain ratio, the biggest chance for the site is the loss of our proper leader, Mimi. Very recently, she was involved in a horrible car accident, and is looking to be facing a very long time in rehab center. Without her being around to keep the team morale up and motivate everyone, I sort of might have stopped managing the team and let them just do whatever they feel like. I don’t know what their reasons are, but mine are pretty much entirely focused around my new university course and the circumstances surrounding Mimi.

Without being aware of what the rest of the group is doing, I asked around, and what I do know is that almost everyone will step away from episodic blogging, with the exceptions being Doofus at a bi-weekly rate, myself trying to continue as things sued to be, and Kryn at a currently uncertain rate. They’ve all got unique circumstances going on, and i’m sure that we all wish them the best with it.

To get the point, basically, until things change in the not so distant future, it’s most likely going to be just me on the episodic blogging, and even then, it might not be weekly. It might be fortnightly, or not…it honestly all depends on how well it can fit around my university schedule. But at the very least, expect some reviews to circulate this site within the next few weeks.

Site Updates – Slow Loading Times and Photobucket issues


Heya all, it’s been a long time since I last posted. There are many reasons for that, but that’s not really here nor there. I’ll get back into the swing of things pretty soon, but I wanted to leave an update for the blog explaining that Photobucket bandwidth is being an issue, and it’ll be sorted as soon as possible, with the same applying to the slow loading times of the site. Hopefully they won’t be an issue to anyone! ^^

Summer 2013 – Who’s Blogging What? & Recent Inactivity.

Unless you come here to browse old reviews while drinking a latte in Starbucks because you’re such a sophisticated blogger, you’ve probably noticed there’s been a significant lack of posts. Unfortunately a lot of the writers experienced some difficulties and needed their batteries replacing, so to speak. Not to mention our recurring failure to pay server costs. Just kidding, that totally didn’t happen. On a serious note, we’re hoping, planning, we will be getting the blog back up and running at it’s original weekly rate of posts; and they will be on time. Good news for everyone. So here’s what you can look forward to this summer;

Alex will be attempting to not sleep through the entire season and blog the remainder of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S.

Dusk will grace us with her presence to blog Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami Hen.

Doofus is taking Attack on Titan from Justin, in the hopes that this show is no longer treated like a child waiting to be adopted.

Kryn will take Danganronpa Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei, and may or may not butcher it completely.

Justin is giving Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui! a go, in his endless search for something that isn’t a constant cleavage contest.

Lucy is going to blog Free!, because minimum wage doesn’t cover every cost.

If you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions, please tell us by commenting. Feedback is appreciated greatly.