Fate/Stay Night – Unlimited Blade Works Episode 1

Winter Days, a Fateful Night


alexI hope all the episodes are 47 minutes. Anyway, Emiya Shirou. A ginger haired boy who tinkers with machines during his spare time, and sleeps in warehouses. However, he appears to be a mage, and he’s also the main character of Fate/Stay.

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Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles – A gaming journey

AlexMany years ago, when games were simpler things, the Japanese Role Playing genre got a breakthrough in games for it; a game named Tales of Symphonia. For the 10th anniversary of the game, you can sit down and enjoy what is heralded as a timeless classic.

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Azure Minds is back! Small progress update

alex  Hey all! It’s been ages since I said anything or updated anything, but I think the site is finally ready to make a comeback. With a small new design and a bit of an upheaval on all fronts, it’s never looked tidier than it does now.

However, until a time where I don’t honestly know, it’s just going to be me posting to the site, so progress is – and will be – slow, as I am at university full time. For the coming season, the only anime i’ll be posting about is Fate/Stay Unlimited Blade Works, and i’ll bulk things up with my gaming reviews here and there, as i’ve written up quite a few in my spare time again. I’ll put another update out when more regular progress will be happening, but until then, it’s just me here!

Meepinganime is evolving…and needs time to do so!

alexHey, everyone. It’s been a while since i’ve said anything around here, and really filled anyone in on what’s happening around the site. As i’m sure that you’ve all noticed, Meepinganime has a new name – we’re now Azure Minds. All of us writers have been really busy, though, and we’re still trying to figure out exactly who’s going to be continuing on with the blog. I (Alex) will be continuing on with it starting relatively soon, but it’s too soon to predict if any of the other members will be continuing, and exactly HOW they’ll be continuing – we’re not going to religiously stick to the episodic format for reviewing anime anymore.

All of our old content from the Meepinganime days will be remaining in place, yet exactly how this will be is still being considered; as we are aiming for a fresh start and a new experience. This blog has been going for a very long time at around four to five years, so obviously, some of the older posts are incredibly embarrassing to read for both myself and Mimi; and i’m sure that it’s the same for any of the other writers!

With that said, however, if you’d be interested in working alongside us on Azure Minds, do leave a comment or contact us at our email address, which is meepinganime.at.hotmail.com. We’ve more than likely got some staff vacancies, and you’ll be well considered if you’re interested in writing!

I’m going to leave this post stuck to the front page until we’ve actually gotten ourselves together and started afresh properly, so stay tuned and keep checking back! Once a week or so should do…

Sword Art Online II – It’s just modern gaming trends.

Formatting and images will be experimented with as Azure Minds develops and changes, so apologies for the lack of images. Any comments on the writing style would be appreciated ^^

Episode 1: Gun World
Episode 2: Ice Sniper

alexJust like how time moves onwards, the medieval theme of Sword Art Online, which represented glorious fantasy MMO’s and RPG’s being based on swords and magic, has been replaced with the modern theme of guns, sniper rifles and all sorts of modern warfare techniques, which represents the rise of first person shooters in the world of online gaming. So, Sword Art Online becomes Gun Gale Online…or something like that.

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Review: Isshuukan Friends

This is the last post which will be made on Meepinganime. It’s kind of sad, isn’t it? From here on out, we’re renaming ourselves to something totally different, and hoping to deliver a whole new experience. Any issues with domains and redirect loops are going to occur within the first few days, but if you get an error, please let one of us know at meepinganime.at.hotmail dot com. It’s been a fun few years, and we’ll all be on the other side!

One Week Friends


AlexI find that whenever I look for a drama, regardless of what shape and form it may be in, it’s littered with melodrama and unrealistic characters and situations. It’s not played out the way normal people play out their lives, and it’s often got something to ruin it. I had heard amazing things about the source material to this show, but when it revealed that it’s got a amnesiac trope as it’s main part, I was pretty concerned. Thankfully, those concerns were for nothing, as this is quite possibly the most realistic portrait of amnesia in anime that i’ve seen, and how people around you adapt and cope with it.

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Isshuukan Friends Episode 12 [Final]

Will you be my Friend?


AlexIs it ever okay to leave things as they are, burying and hiding from any chance of further upset? Everyone in Isshuukan Friends is hiding something, and when the snow falls in the winter, will anything actually get resolved? I mean, if this was a visual novel, all the signs are saying that everything’s on path for a Bad End.

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Isshuukan Friends Episode 11

Important Friends


AlexWinter’s my favorite season. The weather becomes colder, and the warmer clothes come out. But there’s often a strange sort of magic in the cold weather, and that gets shown in a strange manner this week, what with it being the semi-final episode and all. One impression is left on me at the end of this, and that’s the saying  that a tear is worth one thousand words.

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