Review: Isshuukan Friends

This is the last post which will be made on Meepinganime. It’s kind of sad, isn’t it? From here on out, we’re renaming ourselves to something totally different, and hoping to deliver a whole new experience. Any issues with domains and redirect loops are going to occur within the first few days, but if you get an error, please let one of us know at dot com. It’s been a fun few years, and we’ll all be on the other side!

One Week Friends


AlexI find that whenever I look for a drama, regardless of what shape and form it may be in, it’s littered with melodrama and unrealistic characters and situations. It’s not played out the way normal people play out their lives, and it’s often got something to ruin it. I had heard amazing things about the source material to this show, but when it revealed that it’s got a amnesiac trope as it’s main part, I was pretty concerned. Thankfully, those concerns were for nothing, as this is quite possibly the most realistic portrait of amnesia in anime that i’ve seen, and how people around you adapt and cope with it.

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Movie: Persona 3 The Movie: Chapter 1, Spring of Birth

Persona 3 The Movie – Part 1


AlexAtlus is forming a trend of turning quality games and stories into anime, but oddly enough, Persona 4 went before 3. Instead, a year or two later, Persona 3 gets 3 movie adaptations, and this is the first of them, which is essentially a love song to the 7 year old story.

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Review: Date A Live

Date A Live

Long time no see, dear readers, if anyone remembers who I am or how I usually write. If not, hello there, I’m bringing you a random review and I hope to be back to covering weekly shows starting this Spring.

This show isn’t really a show I would normally review, but since there was something I decided to watch and actually got positively surprised with, this is what I’m bringing here this time.

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