Review: Kimi to Boku 2

You and I Series 2

People who have watched Kimi to Boku know exactly what it’s all about. The people who haven’t seen it, may, or may not have a clue. Kimi to Boku 2 is a slice of life that proceeds with the lives of High School boys, and their daily lives, activities, and affairs. The show revolves around 5 friends who’ve known each other since they were children. It has many scenarios that teenagers may have to deal with. They throw in comedy that gives it a nice spark.

I’m a teenager myself, so I can easily relate my life with the teens in Kimi to Boku. I’ve gotta deal with tests, studying, love, friendship, and figuring out what I want to do with myself. This definitely appeals to the teenage generation as it talks about teen problems, and what they tend to do. I can watch this anime and chuckle to myself about small things they do. Like Chizuru running up the stairs skipping a step. I always do that when I go up the stairs. It’s pretty simple things to relate too, but it’s funny and great to notice that you’re not the only one!

The characters also have their own personalities that are played really well. They all have something special about them. One’s good at sports, one’s good at destroying things and being noisy, another’s a great student who studies and gets good grades, and etc. You can relate to at least one, or more of them whist watching.

Kimi to Boku may have their bad episodes, but they normally top it off really well. If they set out more episodes I definitely would watch it religiously. Well, maybe not that much, but I’d definitely watch it. It’s got a great mood towards it, as it’s a slice of life comedy and it’s nice and calm to watch. Especially if you’re watching something intense and want a break and watch something differen’t. Kimi to Boku would definitely be my pick of a slice of life too, since it’s differen’t from the rest. Most slice of life anime have teenage girls, and you should try it out if that kinda stuff is boring you, or doesn’t interest you.

I’d definitely give it a watch. It’s not for everyone, but it sure appeals wonderfully to the teenage generation and maybe the adults too. They’ve been to highschool, so they should know what it’s like!

Liam’s Score: 9 Meeps out of 10 (Great)

Alex’s Score: 9 Meeps out of 10 (Great)

Kimi to Boku 2 Episode 12

Stripped Bare

Huh. Kaname finally gets an episode, and I found some of it to be slightly unremarkable.It was just showing off another adult love interest of Kanames’s, and how he’s awkward has trouble showing his emotions. For an episode to be devoted entirely onto that simple character trait…it was well, dull. The romance aspect and everything felt really well done, but it was just so obvious what was going to happen and the like.

I don’t think it would be so bad if it showed a new side to Kaname, or a new part of him, but we’ve already seen this part of him and everything he did in this episode. The episode and the romance may have been really well done, but it just felt like a bit of a waste, to be honest…

Kimi to Boku Episode 11

Sugar Baby, Fly Baby

Liam’s still without a computer, so i’m covering for him again.

Following on from last weeks graduation ceremony, the group’s now third years, in the final year of high school. Everyone’s changed class, and the sports festival is coming up as the cherry blossems are in bloom again.

With the new class change, Mary’s been given a new chance to finally get in with some new friends, as the first person she notices is Yuki’s fanboy from the manga club. After that, we pretty much jump straight into getting to see the sports matches, as we witness Shun act very strangely out of character as a volleyball pro, along with the brothers kicking some ass as their competative streak flares up.

Rather oddly, I find myself thinking that Matsushita(Yuki’s fanboy) and Mary make a really unique pair, both pairing a pair of people completly smitten with one of the group together to let them grow a little more. It’s a rather unique take on the standard formula, but adding some background and some story onto Mary really helped to bring the romance from Mary’s perspective to life, along with giving Yuki something to try hard for.

It wasn’t the romance episode I hoped for, but I thought that the aspect of giving everyone more of a “senior” role to impress the underclassmen this episode really made a nice taste on the regular format the show’s got.

Kimi to Boku 2 Episodes 9 & 10

Mix Juice

Hullo, Alex covering for Liam since he’s moving house and that lot…and Alex kinda needed to post an anime post before the super scary Mimi comes after him.

Here we have a rather interesting flick back to the comedy styled routines of Season 1, and whilst it was by no means a bad outing, it didn’t really match up to the better jokes in the show, and some of the jokes were pretty cringeworthy.

It was a nice attempt at showing what it’s like for a male teenager to get a job, since I know that I have a lot of the same problems Yuuki has. But if it wanted to be serious, the jokes weren’t neccessary. A nice try, but nothing spectacular and one of the average episodes of the franchise. 


What do you get when a good show talks about it’s best subject? I’d imagine you’d get an episode similar to this one, to be honest. The comedy takes a back seat and lets the story go back to the Chizuru and Mary pairing, which I find to be really cute whilst being amazingly well done.

Ultimately, i’m wondering if it’s a playful jab at the “You can’t pick who you love” scenario, as the characters go through their own heartfelt problems, and basically picking up where it left off; with Chizuru confessing to Mary and Mary avoiding him ever since.

I don’t know what it is about this show, and I havn’t put my finger on it, but the way it handles relationships between characters is brilliant. Not only that, but it’s a step ahead of everything else, handling a relationship from a male perspective, and doing a damn good job of being realistic whilst it’s at it.  I reckon it’ll be a long time before another show provides a male point-of-view romance that can rival Kimi to Boku’s latest scenario, and judging from the preview, it looks like this theme will carry the show to it’s end.

Kimi To Boku Episode 8

Us Boys

I don’t think I remember Fuyuki ever being in a relationship. He seems like a good boyfriend to Mamiya, just a little perverted, depending how long they’ve been dating. I mean, if it was just a few days or so, oh hell no. We learn more about Shun’s brother. Last time we saw him he was kinda rude and the like (now I remember!) But around his girlfriend and he was this kind and sweet kid. I guess that first kiss makes everyone a little happy and giddy too.

Shun’s also very caring for his brother and worries about him. Shun’s always had that “Mother figure” lingering about him. He’s that over worrying parent, even though he’s like…16/17? I’ve never had to deal with that, I don’t think. Also the karaoke was great. I’ve never done karaoke but I know I wouldn’t do it around my friends unless they were close friends. I’d probably get laughed at. I guess you’d laugh together though. I’d probably get laughed at like Chizuru did. I know most of the songs choruses, unless it’s one I like. I make sure I learn the entire song. x3

Finally, this episode was a little too much information. Nah, I’m kidding. But it was really pervy. I did like that earlobe saying though. I’ll have to say that to one of my friends. It’ll confuse them for sure. We kinda didn’t need to know Fuyuki looks at those “Explicit” magazines, but I guess it helps with character development to learn about him. He also didn’t need to touch her chest. :L Silly pervy boy.

Kimi To Boku Episode 7

Sweet Sweet, Bitter

Oh god, what did I just see?! Really, Chizuru? Such a perverted dream to start this episode off xD. With this episode revolving around Valentines day, it’s very entertaining. Everyone’s gotta love how Shun gets all the girls. Especially with all the over exaggerated reactions. Jeez Chizuru, no need to scream like that.

After all, with this episode based on valentines day, it was sweet too, yet it kind of makes me jealous though. I wish I could get chocolates xD I guess that’s what Halloween is for, right? Completely different concept though!

Anyway, this episode is about valentines day, and mainly focuses on Shun, and Chizuru/Mary. It was pretty interesting to watch, as I couldn’t believe a few things. Ah, I don’t want to give things away, but you should expect some good stuff from this episode, along with some real relationship development! That’s how you confess to someone in real life xD.

Kimi To Boku 2 Episode 6

Colourless Blue

Ooh~ I think someone has a crush. Anyhow, we’re back onto sticker collecting for plates! And the basketball team. Darn them, always trying to steal our precious Yuki. I don’t get how anyone can be that talented at basketball either. I mean, I’m terrible at basketball, I can hardly ever score in it. Chizuru is also a goof ball, and threw his test out of a window, revealing his terrible grade to the passerbyer below. I mean, c’mon Chizuru, step up your game. Even I do better than that. xD Other than failed tests and basketball, Yuki seems to like someone, and he probably wont see her again as she’s moving away. Poor Yuki D: I’m thinking he was trying to impress her and worked on earning those stickers to give her a plate.