Review: Level E

Level E

Alex: Ya know, the funny thing about Level E is that it makes every moment of its 13 episodes count. Nowdays you hardly find an adventure or a plot heavy anime make every moment count, but for a comedy anime to do that…well, it’s unheard of. If that hasn’t sold you on it, then I aim to by the end of this review.

I remember when it was first around, Mimi was like “OMG LEVEL E IS GONNA BE AWESOME”, but I saw the label “sci-fi” and “comedy”, and it put me off to the point I wasn’t excited about it anymore. Actually, it turns out that it’s absolutely fantastic. Think funky and awesome twists, outrageous comedy, and no end to the amount of twists which will have you cracking up. It wouldn’t be a lie to say that I was cracking up at the first episode and I was addicted every since. It’s had moment which caused me to fall off my chair with laughter, it’s just that good.

And the main character. That main character. Prince Baka Ki El Dogra is a douchebag through and through. He’s got an imagination so brilliant that it could scare anyone, and he has an over the top desire to cause havoc and hell for everyone, and he’s creative about it. The show DOES dip around the middle, when it takes one particular arc just an episode too far, and it doesn’t manage to live up to the amazing first episodes, but that’s not really reason enough to put the show down, since even the average episodes of Level E are better than most comedies I see.

The anime is nothing short of downright brilliance. The sheer creativity which goes into every episode, every pun and every comedy skit will leave you laughing. There’s no doubt about it.

Alex’s Score: 8 Meeps out of 10 (Very Good)

Mimi’s Score: 8 Meeps out of 10 (Very Good)

Level E Episode 13

Full Moon…!

Alex: I actually feel trolled. EVERYTHING which happened was part of the plan from the Magura Freedom Alliance. EVERYTHING. And Prince Baka’s played right into their hands, being trapped on Earth with an impostor Brother and an importer Wife trying to force him to marry.Even Kraft got himself captured…How on earth will he get out of this..?

Well, obviously, with some very clever moves from Baka Ouji. Oh, and we finally get to see Kraft snap again. God, Prince Baka is actually at his best here. He’s the smartest and the trollest he’s ever been as he unravels the plan to save the Earth. A perfectly fitting and intelligent finale to the best comedy i’ve seen.

Level E Episode 12

Half Moon…!

Alex: Yeah okay late post. It’s been kinda hectic with all the reviews to start writing, I get behind on the little things.

Anyway, if i’m honest, it was an unspectacular episode for Level E. It used an odd mix of humour and seriousness, and neither of them really sank through. It’s kind of a shame, considering you can use the whole Prince’s Brother and Fiancée thing so well. But ah well, let’s just see how it ends..

Also; the first cliche in anime appeared this episode with the girl playing baseball. The first cliche.

Level E Episode 11

Field of Dreams

Alex: Annnd coming back with a home run is Level E, with a brilliant story involving everyones favorite Prince and baseball player.I couldn’t help myself. I’m sorry.

To do my usual tl;dr, Prince Baka hid into the back of the coach heading to a baseball match to cheer them on, and they ended up in a “twilight zone”, a replication of a famous baseball field that someone dreamt up to escape.  Cue hillarious solutions as he figures out how to get out whilst being thrown around by baseball guy.

But seriously, this was intense. It used the mystery genre to further its hilarity by both poking fun at it and using serious examples. For example, the fact that it was never told who was doing it was just trolling, and fits perfectly with the theme of the series.

But Kraft stole the day again. His brilliant acting “Tonight, we’ll have a celebration” when he realized that the Prince was gone was just…win. It’s just a shame that the series is only 13 episodes, if it had a little more time it could expand some of these episodes because the acting and the characterization is so brilliant. Shows what an amazing manga this was adapted from.(Yeah okay, I just want more Prince Baka)

Level E Episode 10

Boy meets Girl

Alex: An unfunny, serious attempt at a story with the only recurring characters being the color rangers? Uhm. Well, it was pretty serious. I guess. And a nice insight on aliens. Maybe.

There’s one problem. Episode 4. In a 13 episoded comedy series, having an episode which tries the same thing as a previous episode but falls flat is a bad thing. Very bad. Episode 4 was better than this in every single way. Sigh. I wish they would have come up with a comedy filler or something instead…Level E is (sadly) running out of airtime.

Level E Episode 9

Love me Tender

Alex: Recipe for disaster. Get an alien women who’s life is about mating with someone, Prince Baka and Kraft, and put them in the same episode. I knew I was in for some more side-splitting laughter the moment Prince Baka returned with a brilliant troll. “How did you know they were here?!” “I didn’t.”

Cue 20 minutes of side splitting laughter. Kraft and Prince Baka are probably the best duo of characters in the comedy business, seriously. One’s like D:<<<< and the other’s like ^.^. When we get disaster involved, it’s just.. hilarious. My hat goes off to his over-the-top conclusion, and the way he sounds so serious when he’s lying. I believed him when he said he was a girl until he said he was joking.

Since this is my first post on Level E, I should probably mention my thoughts.It’s the best comedy i’ve seen. Lets recap, shall we?
Prince Baka comes to earth and causes a disaster with a hostile alien race just to test how loyal his companions are, and turns around to say “Just Kidding ^.^” at the end.
Prince Baka makes a movie.
Prince Baka kidnaps school children and makes them into his own version of Power Rangers so they can fight Kraft for him.
Prince Baka then takes the school children into his own RPG where he has the starring role of a princess.
Kraft cockblocks a lesbian from making love to the princess of the MacBac race.
Prince Baka turns up to make fun of Kraft and saves the day, breaking several intergalatic laws and treaties, but to use his saying, “As long as we can get over being self-conscious about what we’ve done, this worked perfectly! ”

Yeah. Notice a pattern there? Anything which has Prince Baka in it ends up being side-splittingly hilarious, and his bodyguards are just as funny. There’s no way this final arc can go wrong.

Level E Episode 8

You’re my darling!

Summary: Princess Saki of the Macbac race visits Earth to find a mate.

Alex: Kraft. Master of the cockblock. Anyway, since Mimi’s feeling writers block for this right now, i’ll do it and she can add whatever she wants to it later. But alright. Even without that amazing twist at the end of the episode, this was hilarious. A brilliant parody of the rom-com genre, to be blunt. The Princess wants a mate, and Kraft doesn’t want her to have one. Que amazing and hilarious situations.

On his own, Kraft is an amazingly energetic character. When he’s coupled with some cuckoo princess who believes in love at first sight, well…you can just imagine how funny that could turn out. And it lives up to all your expectations.  But okay, next week is when it gets good.

The male who Princess Saki fell for is a crossdressing lesbian. And the Prince will get bored soon and come back..hopefully. It can only get better, to be very honest.

Mimi: Now this is more like it! A romance comedy well done. I’ll probably add more later, but like Alex said..suffering from a little writers block with this one. At any rate, Alex and I have decided to switch Level E and Wandering Son to blog.