Dropped:Shinrei Tantei Yakumo Episode 3

“The Darkness Of The Tunnel”

Mimi: Just to let you guys know, Alex’s computer messed up and he might not be back until Saturday, so I’ll go ahead and write his posts for Yakumo and World. Cuz I have like…nothing to do! And late posts aren’t allowed anymore muahahaha! Anywayz..he could always overwrite this. xD

Quite honestly, this episode of Yakumo is the most boring one yet. Haruka and her friend are driving along through a car tunnel when suddenly, these creepy spirits start floating around them. They go to Yakumo to see if by any chance that they were possessed. Meanwhile, Yakumo’s working on another case with a detective concerning a boy who got hit by a car and was murdered afterward. It turns out that Haruka’s friend is the culprit (surprise surprise), and there’s this really long car chase scene of Yakumo trying to catch the guy while the child’s spirit is controlling his car. Yakumo warns the child to stop and not go near the tunnel, but he does it anyway. Then those creepy spirits kinda like..eat him. And Yakumo’s upset with himself for not being able to do anything, for all he can do is see them..

I really want to see these mystery cases improve or something… Yakumo feels like a ‘been there, done that‘ kinda show. But at least the soundtrack still rocks, and the villains are as intriguing as ever.

Dropped:Shinrei Tantei Yakumo Episode 2

The Curse Of The White Fox

Alex:After it’s solid (what I considered to be solid) opening episode, does Yakumo remain interesting to watch? It’s first episode was immensely interesting, and that’s the main reason I was so taken by it. What’s claiming to be a mystery series actually isn’t a mystery series, and is more of an estranged thriller than anything.

The second episode has our bishie of a detective become more of a psychic medium than anything else, which was a pretty drastic change to the first episode’s pacing. Whilst this appeals to a large audience with how quickly it changes genres, I really see this being popular with the ladies.He’s well…such a bishie. The kind of character thats REALLY popular with a female audience and has so much fanart he provokes a fangirl scream all the time.

I wasn’t AS interested in this episode as I was last time, simply because the “case” wasn’t overly interesting.Yakumo was an amazing detective as usual, but…eh.The story of two males and a woman in their past isn’t the best of ideas they could use when they’ve got a psychic detective, for heavens sake.