Ozuma Episode 5

Duh, it’s Dick!

Eh… There’s nothing new or exciting here, really. Sam is up to his usual idiocy, which is making himself an easy hostage for Gido. Gido reveals that he’s an obsessed maniac for wanting to “control all life on this planet.” The female captain shoots his mask off and it’s *gasp* Dick!!  Then he falls off the ship… o_O Sam gets depressed. Maya reveals that she has lived for ages, along with some information we already knew about the clones. Yadda yadda.

For a story as basic and predictable as this, with a useless/boring main lead, I’m glad it’s only going to be six episodes now. I wouldn’t have wanted to see this get dragged out over twenty episodes…or even thirteen episodes. I thought that Gido (or Dick) and the female captain would at least have an interesting conversation, but…who knows where he is now. By far the most interesting part is when the big boss orders his army to find Gido who misbehaved so badly. Dun dun duuun. I hope that the finale will be filled with more strategic action. That’s what this show is best at.


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