Ozuma Episode 4

To the Ends of the Earth

As expected, the main focus of this episode is rescuing Maya, leading up to another cool sub battle. I may be slow to realize this, but the fact that Sam’s brother’s name is Dick suddenly made me think of the similarities between Ozuma and Moby Dick. Hush, don’t say anything… :3 Anywaaays, this episode shows Dick in a flashback, saying goodbye to the female captain before going off to find Ozuma. He believed that finding the Goddess of Theseus and Ozuma could save the world or something. It’s more obvious than ever now that Gido is this man. In the present, he wants to use Maya to obtain more information on Ozuma so he can beat his boss. More or less the same goals.

In the final moments, the good guys ram their ship into Gido’s, and they both end up sitting side by side above the surface. It looks like Gido and the female captain (why can’t I ever remember her name?) are going to have a very nice chat…with a lot of catching up to do. I’m looking forward to that, as long as there’s less focus on Sam.

Sam and his jealous girl still fail to bring any interest to this show. I give up on them. xD


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