Review: Ozuma


Ozuma is the very first anime I have completed by the legendary Leiji Matsumoto (Captain Herlock, Galaxy Express 999). My expectations might have started out a little too high, as I was disappointed by the average, predictable story and annoying lead character. I’d imagine that Ozuma doesn’t come close to touching the epicness of his older works, which I still plan on watching. However, it would definitely be appreciated by Leiji fans for his unique art style, as well as others just looking for something different.

As a huge fan of Last Exile S1, I particularly liked that this focused on ships, strategic battles, and a closely knit group of charming crew members. Some of the concepts are rather creative, such as the ships being able to dive into the sand as if it were an ocean, where the great whale Ozuma lies beneath. And some concepts aren’t so creative, like the genetically modified humans called Ideal Children that are trying to rule the world, and the mysterious woman that glows prettily is the key to saving it. For six episodes, it’s a solid story that accomplishes what it set out to do. Nothing deep or surprising, just decent entertainment.

My favorite characters would have to be Bainas and Gido, mainly because they look cool (winter scarf and Char mask) and have an interesting connection. The villains are typical evil doers, however, and I’ll probably forget all the others in the blink of an eye. They are just enjoyable for the moment and nothing more.

If there’s one thing I’m taking away from this, it’s the OST. Simply beautiful. :3

Mimi’s Score: 6.5 Meeps out of 10 (Fine)


One thought on “Review: Ozuma

  1. Well, I had planned to watch this, but thinking as I have loads of other things to watch at the moment (and limited time, which will get even more limited with the university entrance exams next month), I don’t think I will after reading your review, especially since I strongly dislike annoying main characters.

    Anyway, good review as always^^
    (Also, you probably already noticed, but the images from some of the earlier posts are down.)

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