Chihayafuru Episode 23

The Night Is Nearly Past

Chihayafuru does it again… *melts* I’m pretty much squealing like Kana-chan over here. Seriously, Chihaya and Taichi are so cute together. Now when is that loveable little airhead going to figure out his feelings, let alone her own feelings? You just gotta love shoujo…or josei…wherever this anime fits. ^^!

Overall, this episode is really amazing. It’s all about the characters overcoming the pain of losing, relating to each other, and feeling like a close family. Sure, we’ve seen those themes pop up over and over, but everything comes together even better here, especially since you see reoccurring characters outside of Chihaya’s circle struggling with the same feelings–in other words, a broader scope. Heck, even Arata lost again. It’s like I can feel all their frustrations and joys, which is an amazing feat for an anime to do. Despite that the anime will be incomplete, maybe not even getting to the best material, it has still been a very fulfilling and worthwhile experience due to the character development and emotions that come with. Can’t deny that!

I also liked that we got to see the characters in new settings, like hanging out at parties and bowling. I’d love to see them do those kinds of things more often.

Hmm, Arata is running out of challenging opponents to practice with. Come on…there’s a Karuta club with your sweet heart in it and another guy trying to take her! *nudge nudge* xD


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