Review: Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou

Daily Lives of High School Boys

Danshi is basically following the lives of high school boys. Hence the name. It also reminds me of the times me and my friends have done things like they do. Especially when they role play. I remember going with my friends and we’d do stupid stuff, but it’s good memories xP I also remember going up to random people thinking they were my friends. I’d go and say “Hi” or wave and you just feel like an idiot.

The way the show was set up was pretty smart, but typical for comedies. Skits are nice, and they continue it throughout different episodes, and have a couple of funny skits during the time it finishes.It’s had a lot of great and silly parts that I loved. It’s kept me interested in every skit it’s had. Though, there have been a few I dislike. The characters also have great personalities. Hidenori, and Yoshitake are hilarious and entertaining. The main character isn’t really that likable. Or it’s just me.

Danshi is a very entertaining Anime, and will keep you watching. Whether it’s for the simple comedy, or just knowing that feeling and comparing with the characters. I’m sure many people would enjoy this, and I’d definitely recommend this.






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