First Impression: Nazo no Kanojo X

Mysterious Girlfriend X

Excuse me… *ahem* What…the…HECK?!

I didn’t expect much from this anime, except for boring, forgettable characters. Unfortunately, they leave a bad aftertaste. So this “mysterious girlfriend” transfers to a new school, where the bland male lead falls for her. She randomly laughs out loud in class, falls asleep at her desk, and avoids people. All of it is fine and dandy until she starts drooling. Seriously, the guy licks the drool of her desk, off her finger, and gets sick because he craves more drool. If that’s not all, a gush of saliva pours out of the girl’s mouth whenever she’s happy. Um, no thanks. My stomach already hurts enough from Easter candy… *sigh* I wonder if I can make my day feel normal again.

Well, I’ve decided not to blog Space Brothers and Zetman. I really like them, but my time just won’t permit me to blog so much. I’ll just be sticking with OzumaFate/zero, Kuroko’s Basketball, and The Legend of Korra, though you’re more than welcome to talk to me about other series I’m watching. Alex is really banking on Hyouka and Phi Brain, and there’s a surprise coming very soon… :3


6 thoughts on “First Impression: Nazo no Kanojo X

  1. The premise for this was so ridiculous I didn’t even bother trying the first episode xD

    Anyway, it’s a shame you won’t be blogging Zetman, for I really enjoyed the first episode. Same for Uchuu Kyoudai, though I’m not as fond of reading episodic posts about non-action oriented series so I don’t care as much. But who cares! You’ll be blogging my two favorite shows of the season so I couldn’t ask for much more. Can’t wait to see what that surprise is either^^

    • Lucky you. xD

      I’m starting a new job today, so I want to blog lightly for now. Plus, all the shows I picked air during the weekend. If Zetman aired with those, it’d be a definite yes. I just hope my schedule won’t be as hectic as I’m imagining.

      And that’s already here, actually. =D

  2. read the manga .. -. – this anime is good and not to mention the manga … have to get out of the ordinary once in a while XD

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