Tsuritama Episode 4

Angry Landing

You know, it’s one thing to show people’s daily lifes in a show like this when there’s some actual development, but I love the fact that they don’t have any reason at all to show the characters lives here apart from to show their bonds in friendship growing.

It’s similar to showing the cogs of a huge machine turning, and I love the really relaxed way Tsuritama shows this.I’m also glad that they didn’t take the grandmother out of the picture, since like i’ve said before, she was easily the character who stands out the most to me.

Now, the two-sided sword. I love the way that they show how catching a fish is hard, but I equally don’t like the way that they show how they never catch a fish. On that topic, I equally hope that Haru stops using that water pistol. Whilst it does have it’s amusing moments and appears to be a clever jab at the way the show works, it acts annoying sometimes. No more water pistols and more of the interactions between everyone, especially the grandma acting as the voice of reason.


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