Hyouka Episode 2

The Activities of the Classics Club and Its Honor

“I want to cut your head open and look at what’s inside”

Just what is it with this show? Sure, this episode was good and interesting, and the characters were fascinating just as usual, with the snappy dialouge and the interesting mysteries which aren’t mysteries, but it just feels like it’s stratching the surface.

I mean, Oreki’s scene in the library was interesting, especially the talk about not being like them no matter what. I don’t think that’s his attitude, because he certaintly doesn’t seem like a male tsundere. He just seems odd. And Chitanda is horribly odd. The two work well together as a pair of oddballs, but I don’t know if i’ll get bored of it if nothing changes…that was the case with UN-GO. Great dialouge, but when the characters didn’t change I got slightly tired of them. I’ll be blogging Episode 0 soon, btw…/random


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