Sakamichi no Apollon Episode 5

Lullabys of Birdland

Mimi: Ritsuko finally tells Kaoru that she likes someone else, which results in a very sad and distant Kaoru. *tear* D: Once again, I love the way that the conflicts are handled in this series. This goes in a new direction, where Kaoru ends up visiting his mother for the first time with Sentarou. She isn’t anything like what he expected, but the love is definitely there and is able to heal his broken heart in no time. Awww~ I hope she returns to sing with them. Also in this episode, we see how close Kaoru feels towards Sentarou…when they’re drunk. ^_^ *more ‘awww’ moments~!* I’m glad everyone’s back together now~ Hoping for a stronger emphasis on jazz, especially more concerts.


2 thoughts on “Sakamichi no Apollon Episode 5

  1. I thought while they were drunk Kaoru was going to mention that he forcefully kissed Ritsuko. That would have been, um, interesting to say the least if he did!

  2. I’ve watched this episode, I was very grateful when Kaoru and her mother met and when his mother asked about the girl he likes and I’m glad everyone’s back together too

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