Hyouka Episode 5

The Truth of the Classics Club and it’s History

Aww, Houtaro’s so tsundere~ He got so shy and awkward when it came to simply saying that he wanted to find something he enjoyed.But like I thought, that happy-go-lucky theory where nobody does anything truely bad was off the mark, as indicated from that sister we’ve never actually seen yet.

To think of the theory from last time, “taboo” and “tragedy” don’t describe any aspect of it. So, to put the pieces of the pizzle together, it’s time to quiz the old lady who works at the library, who was the club president 45 years ago.You could say that it was a little like I expected; the movement went too far and something terrible happened because of it, and then Jun became a matyr. I do have to give props to the show for hiding the clues and hints very well over the last 5 episodes.

The hidden pun inside of the name Hyouka was really thought out, but I get the impression it didn’t translate well, but the vague idea of it made it through the language switch. SPOILERS Hyouka = Ice Cream = I Scream. END SPOILERS And as such, everyone happily gets on with their life, with the mystery finally solved and a lid on proceedings, with the truth being exposed for everyone.


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